Top 10 Things That You Can Learn From Children

11:06 am 12 Jun, 2013

William Wordsworth had said: “Child is father of the man”, which became a timeless statement. There are things, which a grown-up adult can learn from a child. Though, Indian parenting is squarely different, still we can discover a child’s psychological temperament. Here, we seldom value children’s opinion, especially when something serious is being discussed. Here, “We” signifies parents from Eastern region because contrary to this, in the West, children’s opinion is being counted in every important decision of the household. Topyaps is reaching out to the emotional territory of children’s personality and presents a list of top 10 things that you can learn from your child.


10. Sensitivity:

Children are sensitive souls. They exhibit their instant reaction to any action, in their own verbal or non-verbal manner. Sensitivity is observed as a common element in every child, though some children are over-sensitive. They quickly grasp and notices subtle things. Children mostly behave more conscientiously. Over the course of time, we adults become insensitive to a certain extent and majorly avoid reacting to things in our surrounding.

Sensitivity - Things That You Can Learn From Children

9. Honesty:

We can say that children hardly ever tell lies. They are pious selves. Yes, they do lie at times but these are some exceptional instances, may be the child’s too scared or he’s being forced to lie, etc. We still go with this assumption that they do not know how to fabricate things.

Honesty - Things That You Can Learn From Children

8. Friendliness:

They greet their friends at first glance, demonstrating their friendly gesture. Adults in general showcase their persona as reserved individuals. Seldom do adults like to make the first move, especially in social circuit. They usually wait for people to initiate discussion.

Friendliness - Things That You Can Learn From Children

7. Playfulness:

Children mostly keep themselves busy with something or the other. It hardly matters for them, whether they are in a group or playing alone. Their playful nature is self-sufficient. If we adult start imitating them, there will be no need to turn spiritual as your carefree nature will resist all evils.

Playfulness - Things That You Can Learn From Children

6. Curiosity:

Children are born curious. While growing up, they explore, question, and wonder, by doing them, they learn many things. Right from their birth, humans are drawn to new things. A simple example: by putting the switch on and off continuously, the toddler is learning about the nature of cause and effect.

Curiosity - Things That You Can Learn From Children

5. Loyalty:

The virtue of loyalty comes with a good attitude, a straight plan of action and a right mix of determination and persistence. Children are loyal to those who they hold close to them, be it friends, or their family, they never give up on them. One can easily learn from his/her children, the importance of being loyal to family and friends.

Loyalty - Things That You Can Learn From Children

4. Loving & giving nature:

Children show their love in immature fashion. Unlike adults, they do not understand reciprocal or even conditional love. They love you in most natural way, without any condition or inhibition. We should try to emulate them in our lives, their self-less and giving nature can bring emotional equanimity.

Loving & giving nature - Things That You Can Learn From Children

3. Quick Learner:

Young minds pick up things past. It is a proven fact that children grasp quickly in comparison with the learning capacities of adults. What adults can learn from it though is the attitude towards learning, and learning for its own sake, and not for any rewards at all.

Quick Learner - Things That You Can Learn From Children

2. Fearlessness:

If children are fearless that does not mean they are wild. They are out in the open, confront you and show their reaction even when you act small. This attitude will prepare them into future leaders unless you do not curtail their natural instincts in order to tame them.

Fearlessness - Things That You Can Learn From Children

1. Helpfulness:

They are helpful in their own way. You will know them better, when you actually make some close encounters with them. Suppose you are sick and almost unable to move your body, out of weakness. When you ask your child to bring a glass of water, he/she will do that extra effort to go to the fridge and offer you a glass of water. For you, it’s a simple task but for that little child, it’s a huge task. So, learn to be helpful in every possible way.

Helpfulness - Things That You Can Learn From Children

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