Top 10 Things Our Parents Did Right in Raising Us

7:00 am 16 Feb, 2013

What we are today or what we grow up to be has a lot to do with the teachings and rearing techniques of our parents. We are in some way the harvest that they had once so carefully sown. Read below of some of the things they did right in raising us!

10. Respect:

A man who gives respect earns respect in equal, if not greater, measures. This quality that makes us respect and regard another human being is imparted for the first time by our parents. Something as simple as not interrupting others in conversation, specifically elders, would not have come naturally to us if it wasn’t for our parents.


9. Instilling reading habits:

A well-read individual is richer in every aspect; be it knowledge or wisdom or just personality. When parents inculcate hobbies like reading in children it is with the goal of all round development. The world is a vast ocean of knowledge and not all can be taught within the confines of home and school. It is then that books come in to widen the horizon of an individual. So if today we have a broader perspective of life perhaps it is due to this habit which was once passed down to us by our parents.

Instilling reading habits

8. Teaching us our Limits:

Children often tend to want or desire things that might be overtly expensive or they might want to do things which might be harmful for their safety and well-being. It is then that parents need to take tough and often unpopular decisions to prevent anything untoward from occurring. The dos and don’ts once taught by our parents are the reason that today we recognize our limits and boundaries.

Teaching us our Limits

7. Accountability:

There are times is every individual’s childhood when something like reading comics or watching cartoons take precedence over studies or homework or even timely sleep. It is then that parents sent boundaries and rules to make the child accountable for his homework or for waking up early the next day for school. So yes if we are responsible towards our work today, it is the result of the way our parents raised us.


6. Independence:

The first time we made our bed or the first time we packed our school bags ourselves might not have been perfect but we learnt to do all those chores gradually without the help of our parents. It is not easy for parents to let go of their children but if today we are self-reliant, the credit certainly goes to our parents. The making of an independent individual begins very early in life and it is the parents that set children on course to become one.


5. Coaching us to speak the truth:

Perhaps one of the most important and challenging tasks as parents is to teach children to speak the truth. If today we can state the facts unflinchingly it is due to our parents. If we today chose not to lie, it is due to the values that were sown within us by our parents. Hence, the choice of truth over falsehood was one of the best things that were passed down to us by our parents during our growing up years.

Coaching us to speak the truth

4. Encouragement on Failures:

Every parent desires his or her child to excel in life but what is more important is the grace with which a parent teaches his child to accept failure in stride. If it wasn’t for the reassurance and support from parents we would have stagnated at the point of our very first botch in life. The art of moving ahead and learning from mistakes is what our parents effortlessly nurtured in us.

Encouragement on Failures

3. Value for Money:

Money is a necessity in life these days. Yes, it is overrated but it is essential to survival. Remember the times when all our ludicrous demands were shot down by parents? If it weren’t for that we would have never realized the value and importance of money to ensure a good life for us and our children in the future. The fact that we recognize the worth of every dime is nothing but the teachings of our parents speaking out from within us.

value for money

2. Differentiating between right and wrong:

A child isn’t aware of what is right and what it wrong. It is the duty of parents to teach him that with his hands held tight. The fact that today we are able to decide what is good for us and what is not; the fact that we know what is right and what is wrong is due to the conditioning that our parents affected on us as we grew up. No school or college could teach us to differentiate between what is immoral and what is just if it weren’t for our parents.

Differentiating between right and wrong

1. Emphasized on Education:

It might not have seemed all that important while growing up but the emphasis on our education by our parents has ensured that we actually have a shot at a decent life. The stress on studying hard, attending schools and setting a career goal by our parents might have given us a harrowing time; with the books and the tests but their importance in life today cannot be ignored. So yes the fact that our parents pushed us towards educating ourselves is perhaps their best endeavors ever for which we ought to be forever indebted!

Emphasized on Education

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