Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

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10:00 am 13 Mar, 2013

Men and women tend to foil each other when it comes to making a choice. There is no rational belief why the two sexes have such an altered set of choices. Maybe it has something to do with the tiny organisational alterations between the intelligence lobes of the two or maybe it’s just the way god made us. Whatever the reason be, the important thing is to highlight these different views so that we can appreciate our dissimilarities and practice them more constructively. Women tend to hate less than men as long as it doesn’t concern them in some twisted emotional way, while men tend be choosier. For all the women out there, these are the top 10 things that men definitely hate. This is from a man’s perspective so there is every reason to trust what is written.

10 Nagging:

Want us to throw out the trash? The chances of it being a success is not proportional to the number of times you ask us to do that. Men don’t like when women want them to do something right. It can actually be explained with the simple fact that men don’t jump to conclusion. What most women see as a lack of urgency, men call it patience.

Nagging - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

9. Thin but fat girls:

Men don’t like fat girls, but what they hate are thin girls who actually know that they are thin but still talk about being fat. When men complement women and they say “Ohh, I’ve grown fatter!” it makes the men want to take our complement back. Just say “Thank you” and move on! The most attractive thing to do is to straight talk; men know it’s very difficult for women but a little hard work is always appreciated.

Thin but fat girls - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

8. Talking on the phone:

Men are thankful to all the texting devices out there which made it possible to have complete relationships without ever talking on the phone, or at least dodging long talks most of the time. They do prevent them from being into a healthy relationship but still, they do make men happy. The only conversation that is acceptable is the one which men know doesn’t lead to an open interval of infinite chattering given it lasts less than 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Talking on the phone - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

7. The Pussy Cat Dolls:

Men just hate them; along with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. It’s not fair and kind of anti-feminist as well but men just can’t help it. There are other celebrities to go gaga over, but can the women come out of the “ohh, ahh” types? It is not necessary for women to start following hard rock bands, but Justin Bieber? Seriously, a toad is much better.

The Pussy Cat Dolls - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

6. Gift stores:

Most guys can never absorb the fact that some stuffed porcelain cocker-spaniels, infinitely twisted scented candles or teddy bear the size of a cow can be better gift than just some cash stuffed in a greeting card. Men respect the fact that women can perceive affection from all these fancy gifts but most of the time men are just incapable of handling it. Maybe God forgot to give them that particular lobe in their brains which creates that sense of possession with these gifts. But he did give men the one which does the same for plain cash.

Gift stores - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

5. Salad as a meal:

Men are all quite apprehensive about their personality but it is certainly not as big enough a distress than when they are asked to eat salad for a meal. If you are a woman, remember that the next time when you order a salad for a meal on a date with your boyfriend, be assured that he is sniggering from the inside. And also, a guy would surely be more impressed if women eat like a horse and look like a swan rather than eat like a bird and look like a horse.

Salad as a meal - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

4. Oprah Winfrey:

I don’t really think there is a single guy out there who actually enjoys watching Oprah Winfrey, conferring with people about their lives on her show. Besides impudently sponsoring herself by giving those ‘damn fine, touchy-feely arguments’, the fact that she presents herself as a problem solving and grief absorbing creature, makes men dislike her even more. I guess it’s not just Oprah; men hate anyone who does the same.

Oprah Winfrey - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

3. Unmatched lingerie:

This is a real discordant one. Most men matured wondering about the opposite sex and then slowly collecting knowledge from various sources they had. When it comes to women, the first time anyone saw a girl in something less than her ordinary clothes is in a bikini on TV; and the thing about the bikini is that it should be matching. There is no bigger turn-off than watching a hot girl in a red bra and green panties. It’s abnormal; it’s worse than having 12 toes.

Unmatched lingerie - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

2. Dancing with your Girlfriend:

Most single guys will bear going to a club for dancing but men don’t like to go to a bar to dance with their girlfriends. What’s the point of dancing in a bar if there is a girlfriend? Men do dance sometimes because they know that this is one of the ways of finding women. But there is no point in getting the bodies rubbed against people who spent half their pay checks to get a buzz, while posing as someone cool. It’s like continuing to pay for milk when you have already bought the cow.

Dancing with your Girlfriend - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

1. Gay dudes:

If there is something which every single straight guy in this world fears, it’s a gay dude. Men hate what they fear because it hurts their pride. A lot of guys would disagree and say that they don’t hate gay people, but it does not mean that they like them. That’s just an escapist excuse. There is some kind of hormonal discharge in men which kind of generates a sense of fear and hatred not triggered by anything else. The worst part of hatred is disgust, which can be traced to the fact that gays love male bodies, and everyone knows that most men’s bodies are so disgusting and hairy.

Gay dudes - Top 10 Things Men Definitely Hate

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