Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

8:59 am 25 Sep, 2013

College days are undoubtedly the best days of anyone’s life. The memories created at this time last for a lifetime. There is so much happening, studying, parties, break-ups, affairs; every little issue is the biggest deal during graduation. After college men move out to be those big entrepreneurs and women start taking on their families, work and everything. A girl’s life changes dramatically after graduating, she suddenly has just so much to handle. Be it work, family or anything else, she gets engrossed and hardly takes out time for herself. So, this article is especially for all the girls out here who are graduating to be the women in their lives. Scroll down to read the top 10 things, all the girls should do before graduation. Live it all up, maybe you don’t get a second chance to be crazy, stupid and dumb again!

10. Learn something you have always dreamt about:

It can be bartending, salsa dance, photography, belly dancing or simply something you love. Girls go out and learn that new skill you have always fancied about. Discover that hidden desire of yours and enroll yourself the very next day. It’s quite possible that you don’t get a chance again in life to do something your heart truly wishes for.


9. Diary-writing:

That last year before graduating gives you a lot of surprises and a lot of memories. Pen them all down, whenever you are depressed in life, have a look at them and a smile is bound to come on your face. Keeping a diary will help you in keeping alive the best phase of your life. And yes, pick up a cute one from the market or a better idea would be to create one. Put in the pictures of your best friends and make it look like the most treasured asset you own.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

8. Night for yourself:

Stay up a whole night and spend that time with yourself. After college, work will take up most of your time and the remaining would be scattered between your colleagues and family. Think about yourself, relive all the good memories in your mind and prepare yourself for the life to come. Make realizations about the fact that life is going to change dramatically; there will be no more true friends or fun. Sink in the feeling and get ready with a whole new attitude.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

7. Say sorry:

Apologize to everyone you ever wanted to. Knowingly or unknowingly we hurt many people in our college days. Make a list of all your potential victims and say sorry to them, whenever you get a chance. Don’t make it look dramatic but apologizing will always help you in taking on your future life with a lot more positivity.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

6. Take a trip:

Be it an unplanned road trip or a vacation to somewhere you have always wanted to go, this will help you in creating a lot of memories and living your life, your way, one last time! Yes, after graduation, work or family will take toll on you. You will no longer to be free to go anywhere; there will be a lot of permissions to ask. So, just do it your way while you are still in college.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

6. Fall in love:

This is the most important thing to do before graduating. Fall in love or otherwise you will miss on the most beautiful emotion of life. We seldom get our true soul mate after college life ends. Relationships that are built before graduation are the strongest. Office colleagues, no matter how hot they are, will still be competitive. So, if you are that die-hard romantic looking for pure love, your search should start right in your college life.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

5. Drink like a fish:

When we are talking about crazy stuff, how can we forget drinking? Yes, most of the amazing moments come in life after 2-3 pegs. Take out time and party like a maniac. Drink it up and do all the crazy stuff you ever wanted to do in life (not dangerous, obviously). Let your emotions flow and let this night be the best night of your life.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

4. Finish all the TV series:

Download your best sitcoms and watch them fully. Make sure you finish all your favorites before graduation. After college, your life will be so busy that you won’t have time to sit down and see your favorite actors acting in a ‘days-long’ TV serial.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

3. Spend time with your family:

Go out shopping with your mom and discuss political scenarios with your dad. These are the very precious moments, don’t miss out on them. Once college is over you won’t have that amount of time to give to your family. So, make the most of it, it will add on to your memories.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

2. Click pictures:

Click lot of pictures all through your college life, they will later on turn out to be your priced possessions. Pose with the most famous thing on your campus. Click a photograph with your dean and your favorite teacher, who will soon be lost, once you graduate. Have lots of group photographs, and yes, don’t leave the nerds out!

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

1. Show-off your college:

As the time to graduate comes near, there will be many new-faces in the campus. Take pride in telling them about your college. Re-live everything while taking a tour with them. This will give you a lot of satisfaction and pleasure as well as make you realize the importance, your institution had in your life.

Top 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Graduation

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