Top 10 theories behind the Bermuda Triangle

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5:20 pm 4 Nov, 2011

Weird disappearings regarding the Bermuda Triangle have revolutionized much in theory, good and bad, thought-arousing and apparently-freakish. Theories behind these disappearings are enough to make us pause and consider, to accept and to reject. TopYaps is hopping in the secret water of Bermuda Triangle to present ten most popular theories behind its enigma.

10. Pirates:

Calculated incidents of destruction and disappearances of ships are often backed up by folklores of pirates. However, piracy can’t describe the disappearings of aircraft, but by all account of some estimable old-fashioned mythologies, boats and ships are often hijacked by pirates for smuggling operations. Probably, you can gaze the Bermuda Triangle as a pirate dominion.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

9. Methane hydrates:

The Bermuda Triangle possesses a smart concentration of Methane Hydrate, interlaced underneath sea sediments. Because of accidental drillings or landslides under the surface of the earth, the wide bed of this disastrous gas could be unlocked, reducing the density of water dramatically. Due to extremely low density water, ships suddenly sink to the bottom. According to the up-to-the-minute studies, this combustible gas could also blow aircraft to pieces.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

8. Electronic fog:

Best known as the most notable theory of Bermuda Triangle, Electronic Fog is basically a meteorological phenomenon which sticks to an aircraft or a ship like a monolithic cotton ball. It is said that in influence of electronic fog, electronic equipments of aircraft and ship undergo series of malfunctions, such as spinning of compasses and amiss of digital readouts.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

7. Government testing:

United States Navy’s Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) is located in the halfway of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle which is used as a hub to test submarines, weapons, sonar, secret projects and reverse-engineered alien technology. According to some renowned scholars and scientists, this experimental actuation maneuver is the prime reason behind mysterious disappearances.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

6. Man made energy field:

Resting under the cover of “accepted science,” many scholars assume that the Bermuda Triangle is a man made energy field, conceptualized on the theories of Tesla technology. According to this theory, a hypothetical VLF-Resonance transmitter is residing under the depths of Bermuda Triangle which holds the capability to recharge ruminated secret electric-powered submarine classes and provides sufficient interference to destroy the signals upon which ships and aircraft rely.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

5. Souls of black slaves:

Souls of the black slaves is one of the most significant theories of the Bermuda Triangle. If believed to the words of a notable British psychiatrist, Dr. Kenneth McAll, this mysterious place comprises souls of black African slaves who had been thrown overboard by sea captains amid their journey to United States. In this book, Healing the Haunted, Dr. McAll stated that a continuous haunted sound (like mournful singing) could be listened while sailing in the waters of Bermuda Triangle.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

4. Human Error:

Well, it’s a crystal clear fact that we all make mistakes, and it’s also obvious that sailors and pilots are no exception. Swift currents, identical-looking islands and disruptive tropical weather are enough to distract one’s way. And talking about aviation or sailing, if you make even a small wrong turn, you’ll be surely far away from your actual destination, embracing a tragical disaster.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

3. Unbalanced weather patterns:

Bermuda Triangle is best known for its bad weather patterns that strike the area in an extremely adverse manner. While leaving the United States, storm systems usually beef up in Bermuda Triangle speedily without warning. Ships sunk or aircraft crashes because even their radar system can’t forecast that how potent hurricanes could be or how rapidly storms could appear in scene. Amid the flow of horrifying currents, wreckage of ship and aircraft vanishes, and people are left with a solo statement – “It just disappeared.”

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

2. The lost city of Atlantis:

Beneath the dark depths of the Bermuda Triangle, there are remainses of the fabled Atlantis, and according to legend, this historical city was powered by mystical crystals. It is said that crystals are still resting on the seabed and transmit herculean waves of energy, responsible for the destruction of ships and aircraft.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

1. Aliens:

According to the biggest school of thought regarding the mysticism of Bermuda Triangle, aliens reside in the depth of the sea as an interplanetary creatures. It is also concluded that aliens use the Bermuda Triangle as a portal to travel from their unknown planets to ours. This area is a gathering station for aliens where they capture people, aircraft, ships and other objects in order to conduct research.

top 10 theories behind the bermuda triangle

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