Top 10 tech billionaires

7:34 am 16 May, 2012

Can you imagine life without Google, Facebook, or internet shopping, etc.? We’d become paralysed without these life essentials. Their creators are undoubtedly genius people, whose efforts have given the world easier access to knowledge and information, laying before us virtually the whole world. Their prosperity is but the logical outcome of their perseverance and


10. William Henry Gates III:

Founding father of Microsoft, Bill Gates is an American business magnate, popular for his computer programming and philanthropy. He was formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft and is currently its chairman. He has an estimated net worth of $63.5 billion and has been featured consistently in the list of the wealthiest people of the world. Being the largest individual shareholder, he owns approximately six percent stake in Microsoft and apart from this, his fortune is accredited to Cascade investment and Gates private investment vehicle.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Bill Gates

9. Lawrence Joseph Ellison:

Lawrence has been around for the longest when compared with other tech industrialists. It was way back in 1977 when he founded Software Development Laboratories, which has today evolved to become Oracle Database. It is the 22.5 percent stake in this software company that is responsible for Lawrence’s fortune. According to the 2012 statistics he is the third wealthiest American and has an estimated net worth of $38.1 billion. He also owns a 49 percent stake in NetSuit and LeapFrog enterprises. Besides all this he has cash and assets, whose worth stands at about $4 billion.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Lawrence Joseph Ellison

8. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg:

With an estimated net worth of $21 billion, the youngest among the league is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. There is not a soul on earth who wouldn’t know that the 28 year old Zuckerberg is the co-founder and chief executive of Facebook. He owns the largest individual share in the company, which stands at 28.4 percent stake and he has 56.9 percent voting power. Facebook, the social media site was launched in 2004 and today the monthly average of visitors is 845 million, which is approximately 12 percent of the world population.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Mark Zuckerberg

7. Larry page:

An American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur, Larry Page is the hero of Google. He co founded it with Sergey Brin and since 2011 has been the chief executive officer of Google. Together the duo own 16 percent stake in the search giant. Page has also played the role of overseeing Google’s investment portfolio since 2004, when it went public. Since then Google has been able to sell stock worth more than $3 billion. Not to forget, Page is also the creator of the Page Rank concept, which is the foundation for its ranking algorithm.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Larry Page

6. Sergey Brin:

A Russian American computer scientist, co founded Google with Larry Page and is exactly next to him when it comes to wealth count.  He shares with Page a 16 percent stake hold in Google and his personal wealth amounts to $18.7 billion.  The Economist calls him the “Enlightenment Man” because he co propounded Google’s philosophy that each one has the right to access information and that it should be accessible to all.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Sergey Brin

5. Azim Premji:

Azim Premji is a business tycoon from India and the proud owner of the 79 percent stake in Wipro, the leading software giant of the country. His personal net worth is estimated to stand at $18.3 billion and is considered to be the third richest Indian. His Bangalore based company employs 100,000 people and generates annual revenue of $7.2 billion approximately. Apart from this, Premji also owns, PremjiInvestment, a private equity fund that manages his personal portfolio of $1 billion.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Azim Premji

4. Jeff Bezos:

An American entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos has played an instrumental role in the growth of e-commerce. In 1994, he began with the launch of his online bookstore and founded Amazon, which later evolved to become the world’s largest online retailer. The sales of Amazon had crossed the mark of $64 billion. Jeff gave it another boost with the introduction of the Kindle electron book reader in 2007, which is the best selling item of Amazon today.  Not only this, the company has also become the leader in providing cloud computer services.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Jeff Bezos

3. Steve Ballmer:

When Bill Gates stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer in 2000, he was replaced by Steve Ballmer. Since then his struggle to maintain the exuberant status of Microsoft has been tremendous, especially since he also has to maintain relevancy in the software age, with Apple giving it stiff competition. Although he is a proud owner of $15.9 billion, the sad part of his story is that Microsoft was at its peak, just before Bill Gates stepped down and ever since the replacement, it has seen a downtrend, languishing further with every passing year.

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Top 10 tech billionaires

2. Michael Dell:

Michael Dell is well known across the globe as the co founder and chief executive Officer of Dell. It is the third largest manufacturer of computer hardware, making it feature among the world’s largest technological corporations. It employees approximately 103,000 people worldwide and is well known for acquisitions and mergers. Michael Dell owns 15 percent stake of the Round Rock Company and he also contributes a $10 billion through his New York investment firm, called MSD Capital. This firm invests his money in a number of industries to earn him a good profit from its portfolio diversity.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Michael Dell

1. Paul Allen:

Paul Allen may not be enjoying as much popularity as Bill Gates, but the fact remains that he co founded Microsoft Corporation with Bill Gates. He is also the founder and chairman of Vulcan Inc, which manages all his affairs, including business and philanthropy. His investment portfolio is very diverse and includes everything from real estate, technology, media and even content companies. His enjoys and net worth of $15 billion and is all set to advance into the fields of space travel and brain research.

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Top 10 tech billionaires: Paul Allen

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