Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

8:17 am 29 Oct, 2013

Women have simply the best conversations in this whole world. They have so much to speak about every topic that they can go on speaking about it for ages. Being a woman myself, I know how much we love to talk! Well, there is just one problem that sometimes we tend to say certain things that are simply stupid. Sometimes we do sound dumb! And there are many times when guys absolutely don’t understand what we are trying to convey. In our girlfriends, nothing is stupid as everything attains its logic as we keep on discussing it but it is different with guys. Most of the times they don’t know what to answer when his girl asks him questions like, ‘has she has put on weight’ or when she asks him to choose between a purple or an orange dress for her. So, if you want to know about the things that actually sound stupid in front of people and you want to try to avoid them in your further conversations, you have to read this article. Scroll down to have a look at the top 10 stupid things girls (knowingly or unknowingly) often talk about.

10. Am I fatter than your ex girlfriend?

This is the most obnoxious thing to ask from your guy. I mean, what you expect him to answer if his ex was like a supermodel. Actually, we women always over- analyze ourselves, which leads to making comparisons at every level. Avoid doing this, you might loose on your guy if you keep on repeating such stupid questions.

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

9. I will just have a salad:

Women always think that hogging on their first date is kind of creepy and truly it is also. But that doesn’t mean that you just order a salad. Well, acting like a perfect lady is always welcomed but when you actually enter a five-star and say that you will just have a salad for dinner, your man will definitely give you a very confused look.

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

8. How many women have you slept with?

Well, this is the most frequent stupid question asked by women. Imagine you are asking the guy in your life about the women he has slept with. Does it sound good? Not at all! We happily say that past doesn’t bother us but when we are in a relationship, we need to know all the details!

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

7. Do you like shopping?

Are you dating a gay? If not then you should absolutely know that no man in his sane sense loves shopping. Men are always running away from this dreaded trip with their women. After knowing all this also we always tend to ask this stupid line.

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

6. What did you do at the bachelor’s party?

Women are the inquisitive lot. They need to hear anything and everything. But girls be aware and never ever ask your guy about the fun he had in the bachelor party of his friend. Well, bachelor’s is supposed to be confidential anyway. So, don’t sound stupid by asking, if he tells you on his own, then it’s your sheer luck!

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

5. It is fine:

‘It is fine’, this is an expression always used by women either when they don’t have any answers left or when they are really angry. Though we women can’t restrain ourselves from using this line but it actually seems a stupid way out.

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

4. I want to be your fantasy girl:

Well, this one is a very desperate move by women, which sadly turns out stupid when spoken. Imagine talking to your guy and telling him in a mushy-mushy tone that I want to be your fantasy girl. Serious advice is that never ever copy the porn stars, guys just like them in the DVD. They would never want their girl to be that kinky!

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

3. There are absolutely no good men left:

This one comes right after a break-up. Women tend to crib about the fact that there are no good men left in this world and that is the only reason they cannot find a good life partner. Well, all you Cinderella’s out there, try searching a bit harder and don’t just be a cry baby.

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

2. It is totally cool if you are friends with your ex:

It is a devastating and a very stupid line said by women just to please their man. Imagine you are giving him all the rights to cheat on you. Every woman in a relationship should make her priorities clear and tell her man that past is past, if he treats it the same way!

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

1. I will just be ready in a minute:

The oldest and the most used stupid line by women is I will just be ready in a minute. We know that it is going to take us longer but we manage to speak about only one minute. On top of it, sometimes we even tell our man to wait in the car and we will just follow him! Though stupid but after so many years, it goes perfectly well with women.

Top 10 Stupid Things Girls Often Talk About

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