Top 10 strangest professions


Jobs that don’t seem like they should exist, but they do. We’ve all wondered about what weird jobs are out there, but now you can find out exactly what some people actually make a living at and just how weird occupations can get.

10. Whiskey Ambassador:

A dream come true job for any youngster where you’ll be paid to drink whiskey. This knowledgeable profession is one that addresses a variety of different roles varying from company to company, situation to situation, person to person. This profession is all about choosing the smoothest whiskeys and educating others in determining the qualities and different ways to admire the yummy taste of liquor.

9. Professional Prostitute Tester:

Here comes the fantasy profession that just sounds too good to be true. This is all about we usually want to do when we grow up. This occupation was initiated by a part time male model – Jaime Rascone. You have to check out the applicants by how they moved their hips, whether their groans were adequate, various intense description, and makes recommendations to the madam.

8. Sewers Cleaner:

This profession is all about cleaning the piss and shit you have to see, rats, roaches and dark passages. The sewer cleaners deals with all of this stuff and more while braving the depths of the hundreds of miles of sewers beneath our cities. Dealing with horrible smell and creepy crawly bugs, this job is considerably more arduous and labor intensive.

7. Animal Masturbator:

Ennobling, fascinating, deeply challenging. Also, dangerous, gross and mind-bogglingly boring. Animal sperm is required for studying fertility or for artificial insemination. Obviously, to obtain the sperm you have to masturbate the animal and catch it in a pot. When it’s your job to collect farm animal sperm, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood or not – it’s just gotta get done.

6. Pet Food Taster:

A job as a pet food tester is a foodie’s nightmare incarnate. There is no way to “pretty” this one up folks, as a pet food tester you eat, sniff and evaluate pet’s food. Then again, how hungry can you be after eating pet food all day? While this may not be the most glamorous job in the world, at least it will allow you to feel closer to your pet and keep you from living in a pet house.

5. Odor Judger:

I’m not sure why somebody other than some strange fetishist would want this job. For this profession you need a strong, sensitive nose and a good memory, also an effective knowledge of chemical combination.

4. Funeral Clown:

Tragically hilarious profession. According to Romans, this would placate the spirits of the dead and bring joy to the living. As the funeral processed, the funeral clown would run alongside the corpse with other clowns making jokes and mimicking the dead. The funeral clown was paid to dress up as the dead person, wear a mask of his face, and dance about acting like him.

3. Laughter Therapist:

This profession is built on the philosophy that giggles, chuckles and belly laughs do a body good. It is well-documented that regular doses of laughter can help reduce stress, boost the body’s immune system, reduce the signs of aging, strengthen morale, and in general, be a positive influence on a person’s well-being.

2. Janitor at Porno Theater:

Well, this profession is not about cleaning the popcorn or empty coke bottles. The prime task of the porno theater janitor is to take his mop and rag and wipe up after each show is over. Unlike a traditional theater, it’s safe to assume that sticky substance under the chair is something other than Coca-Cola Classic!

1. Guide for Mount Everest:

When you are on Everest, you make history but people involved in making your trip successful are daredevils in true mean. The work of a tourist guide is both remunerative and challenging. Working as a tour guide is fast becoming a preferred job option for many, and the demand for individuals with the right skills set for the job is also on the rise.

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