Top 10 stock exchanges in the world

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5:36 pm 8 Dec, 2010

This page of Topyaps is enlisting the ten major stock exchanges across the world.

10. Bombay Stock Exchange:

Located at Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers, Dalal street, Mumbai, the Bombay Stock Exchange has the largest number of listed companies in the world and also it is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. A significant landmark in the economical domain of India, BSE was earlier known as “The Native Share & Stock Brokers Association”. In 1956, BSE was recognized by government of India under the Securities Contracts regulation Act and became the first stock exchange with government’s accreditation.

9. Madrid Stock Exchange:

Also known as “Bolsa de Madrid”, Madrid Stock Exchange is the largest trading market in Spain which is governed by ‘Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles’, a Spanish financial company. Dedicated to the sophisticated technologies, this stock exchange constitutes 41 prominent financial institutions.

8. Toronto Stock Exchange:

Toronto Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in North America which is operated by TMX Group Inc. Founded on October 25, 1861, this stock exchange is one of the most significant market in the field of international energy and mining concerns. It is also the home to Canada’s major banks, such as: Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Bank of Nova Scotia and Toronto-Dominion Bank.

7. Shanghai Stock Exchange:

This stock exchange is an outcome of boom in mining shares during 1891. Earlier, it was known as ‘Shanghai Sharebrokers Association’ but in 1904 it was renamed to “Shanghai Stock Exchange”. Due to some complex financial policies of the Chinese mainland authorities, this stock market is not entirely open to foreign investors.

6. Frankfurt Stock Exchange:

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange holds a massive share of European market as well as the 90% turnover of Germany’s economical sector. This stock exchange is governed by world famous finance company, Deutsche Borse. The origin of this stock exchange dates back to the 9th century but it acquired the international fame in 1949, after World War II.

5. London Stock Exchange:

Located at Paternoster Square in City of London, this stock exchange was established in 1801. London Stock Exchange is considered as the heart of the global financial community and exclusively acts on its motto – ‘Dictum Meum Pactum’ (My word is my bond). In 2007, this stock exchange was unified with Borsa Italiana which formed the London Stock Exchange Group.

4. Euronext:

Founded on September 22, 2000, this pan-European Stock Exchange is a blend of Brussels Stock Exchange, Amsterdam Stock Exchange and Paris Bourse. After merging with the NYSE Group in 2007, it became the first global stock exchange. This stock exchange is viewed as a king in the markets of equities and derivatives and also accommodates subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium.

3. NASDAQ Stock Exchange:

NASDAQ is the acronym for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations Systems” which was founded in 1971. Located in the New York City, this American stock exchange is the largest electronic screen supported trading market in the United States. Confining the one third share of Dubai Stock Exchange, it also controls eight stock exchanges in Europe.

2. Tokyo Stock Exchange:

Listed with 2,414 companies, the Tokyo Stock Exchange was founded on May 15, 187 with the name “Tokyo Kabushiki Torihikijo”. After the bombing of Nagasaki, this stock exchange was reopened under the Securities Exchange Act and unprecedentedly in 1990, it accounted the 60% capitalization of worldwide stock markets.

1. New York Stock Exchange:

Located at 11 Wall Street in New York city, New York Stock Exchange came into existence on March 8, 1817 and since then, it is considered as the sanctum of financial players. However, this stock exchange has witnessed numerous traumatic events in its history (WW I, 9/11, Black Thursday – 1929) but still it is the powerhouse of international financial community.

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