Top 10 Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

6:55 am 17 Apr, 2013

The Bermuda triangle has the notorious repute of bearing witness to baffling occurrences. Airliners, ships and even people disappearing in this region, also called the Devil’s Triangle, could all be explained in a scientific manner. But urban legends in popular culture believe otherwise. The fact is that most incidents linked to Bermuda Triangle have more probable explanations. Nevertheless, below is a list of stories which have always been narrated in reference to the triangle, whether true or not!

10. Connemara IV:

It was a yacht which was found adrift near Bermuda triangle in 1955. As with most of the triangle’s legends, it is believed that the crew disappeared while the yacht survived three hurricanes. Was it the triangle that made the crew disappear or had the yacht just drifted when the hurricanes pulled away its anchor? Well as always it is with tales of the triangle, the answer is best left to speculation!

Connemara IV - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

9. KC-135 Stratotankers:

In 1963 two US Air Force KC-135 aircrafts collided and crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. As with other Bermuda Triangle legends, the one associated with this event suggests that there were two crash sites. These were separated by over 260 km. How did this happen when they collided together? The answer to this or the lack of it is again associated with the mysterious triangle.

KC-135 Stratotankers - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

8. Carroll A. Deering:

Carroll A. Deering became part of one of the greatest maritime mysteries in the world when it was found stranded near North Carolina without its crew in 1921. It is believed that the abrupt disappearance of the crew was due to the Bermuda Triangle. When the ship was found its navigation equipment, crew’s personal effects and life boats were gone. The fates of these men remain unknown till date.

Carroll A. Deering - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

7. Flight 19:

Flight 19 was the designation of 5 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that mysteriously disappeared in 1945 during a Navy overwater training flight from Florida. All the airmen, 14 in number disappeared without a trace. Soon after that a 13 member crew sent in as the search party also disappeared. It is believed that their disappearance is connected to the bizarre activities around Bermuda Triangle.

Flight 19 - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

6. Star Tiger and Star Ariel:

These were Avro Tudor IV passenger aircraft operated by British South American Airways. Star Tiger disappeared in January 1948 while flying from the Azores to Bermuda while Star Ariel disappeared in January 1949 while in flight from Bermuda to Kingston. Perhaps it was just equipment damage but still nothing definitive is known leading to speculations that it was another Bermuda Triangle mishap.

Star Tiger and Star Ariel - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

5. Douglas DC-3:

Douglas DC-3 was a registered airliner which disappeared on 28 December 1948. The airliner was on San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami, Florida when it vanished along with all 29 passengers and 3 crew members. The wreckage too was never found leading again to conclusion that it was the doing of the Bermuda Triangle which fell on the flight’s route.

Douglas DC-3 - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

4. Mary Celeste:

Mary Celeste was a British American merchant ship that was discovered in 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean without any trace of its crew members.  The ship’s lifeboat was missing along with 7 of its crew. What was perturbing was the fact that the sailing conditions were not inclement and hence the abandonment of the ship was strange. The ship was in perfect sailing condition and fully stocked with all of its cargo untouched. It was found heading toward the Strait of Gibraltar. Though the ship was found far from the Bermuda Triangle, the tale of it being found abandoned is still linked, even though mistakenly, to the triangle’s inexplicable occurrences.

Mary Celeste - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

3. USS Cyclops:

The USS Cyclops was one of four Proteus-class colliers built by the United States Navy. The ship was on its way from Barbados to Baltimore in March 1918 when it disappeared in sea. Infact, so mysterious was its disappearance the even the wreckage of the ship was not found. It was said that the ship was overloaded and hence sank but nevertheless the vanishing remains shrouded in mystery. Many attribute the event to the Bermuda Triangle leading to a ship a crew of 309 going missing without a trace.

USS Cyclops - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

2. USS Proteus (AC-9):

USS Proteus (AC-9) was built and commissioned in the United States Navy in 1913 with the war looming in the horizon. In the month of November 1941, the vessel was lost at sea along with all 58 persons onboard. The cause as in the other cases was unknown. With no theories about German U-Boats for this ship, it was the Bermuda Triangles infamous reputation to the rescue for answers. So again, another ship’s disappearance was attributed to the triangle’s disturbing and bizarre history or rather standing.

USS Proteus (AC-9) - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle

1. Ellen Austin:

Ellen Austin was an American ship that used to ply between London and New York in crossing the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle in the way. It was during one of the ship’s voyage from in 1881, when the captain and crew of Ellen Austin met another ship that was moving along with it but had no one aboard. In order to salvage the abandoned ship, the captain sent some of its crew members on board the latter. They sailed together for two days but were then separated by a huge sea storm. Since then the crew or the strange ship has never been found till date.

Ellen Austin - Spine-Chilling Stories Revolving Around Bermuda Triangle


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