Top 10 Songs To Cheer You Up While Boozing

10:51 am 21 Oct, 2013

Drinking and music goes really well together. Maybe because when people get drunk they think that they turn into great singers. If everyone is drunk then everyone will agree that you are a great singer. There are some songs that just go really well with drinking. These songs usually have a catchy chorus that everyone can sing along to. They also have a recognizable beginning so that everyone knows which song is coming up as they search for the song’s lyrics in their alcohol soaked brain.

10. Burn it to the Ground, Nickelback:

Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback is about drinking. It’s a very loud and heavy song with a rhythmic beat that will get you head banging in seconds. It’s a perfect song to play when the night gets young and the bartender starts talking about the last call. Just play this song with lyrics like, “get your hands off of this glass. Last call, my ass!”

9. Rehab, Amy Winehouse:

Rehab by Amy Winehouse might not be considered cheerful by some people but it always cheers me up. It is an anthem of rebellion as she refuses to go to rehab. It might be about drugs but it feels great to sing this song while boozing too. This is one of the best songs by Amy Winehouse and makes a great drinking song.

8. Paradise, Coldplay:

Paradise by Coldplay is a very cheerful song. It has a catchy chorus that everyone will remember and sing along when this song comes up on the jukebox. It’s a great boozing song and if you listen to it too deeply while drunk you might get up to dance to the tune as well.

7. Alive, Pearl Jam:

Alive is the most recognizable anthem by this grunge heavy weight band, Pearl Jam. The riff will get everybody exited as soon as the song starts. The chorus too is singable and people will be shouting along about how they are still alive. This is one Pearl Jam song that should be in your boozing playlist at all costs.

6. Snow, Red Hot Chilly Peppers:

Red Hot Chilly Peppers is a unique band that mixes funk with rock and blues. They have a lot of great songs that will cheer you up and have you dancing in no time. Snow is one such song that is really great to listen while drinking. The song is about cocaine but it goes well with alcohol too.

5. Keep Away, Godsmack:

Keep Away by Godsmack is a song about rebellion and freedom. It is a heavy song with a catchy chorus and great drumming that is the hallmark of Godsmack. This song will feel great while drinking as it will get the heart beating and your head banging. Just remember not to band your head too hard or everything that has been going down may come up.

4. The Lazy Song, Bruno Mars:

If you are sitting at home and drinking on a Sunday and feeling lazy then The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars is a great song to listen to. It has a really cheerful feel and great rebellious lyrics that basically tell people to go to hell while we do what we want. That’s the kind of spirit that goes well with boozing.

3. Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams:

Summer of ’69 makes this list because it is the quintessential song of this era. Everybody knows it as soon as the riff comes on and everybody knows the full lyrics. It will make a great song to sing while you party with your friends and think about your own great summers of old and the best days of your own life.

2. It’s My Life, Bon Jovi:

If Bryan Adams makes it to number 3 then Bon Jovi has to be nearby as well. These two artists are two of the most popular artists on recent times. It’s My Life is an anthem for every young man and woman. It also is a great song to listen to while drinking that will cheer you up and get the party going.

1. Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles:

The Beatles are truly legendary. Here Comes the Sun is a very positive and cheerful song by The Beatles that is the perfect song to end this list. You can listen to this song at anytime, drunk or not and get cheered up. It appeals to the little darling that everybody really wants to be in one way or the other.

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