Top 10 Songs That Techies Love While Coding

6:00 am 21 Mar, 2013

No matter what work you do on the computer, the one thing that keeps you rolling for hours without stress is good rhythmic music with upbeat tempo. The music, or songs, should blend into the background and don’t disturb your work; and yet, have the ability to enhance your mood that one prefers listening to while doing the work, say writing computer programs also called coding. Coding is in itself an interesting work but there are times when it also might become boring. Thus, music comes as a good option to keep the mind fresh while working. Although the type of music often depends on the mood of the listener, we have listed here the top 10 songs that techies love while coding.

10. We are the Champions:

Unarguably the most recognizable anthems in rock music that reminds of the Queens and Freddie Mercury, ‘We Are The Champions’ is perhaps one of the best ways to kick yourself in the backside to get down to something as serious as coding. Techies don’t want to be distracted and lose themselves in Mercury’s piano and the lovely rhythmic music, coding away to perfection.

9. Matrix Soundtrack:

When it comes to perfection in coding, there isn’t anything that gets better than The Matrix trilogy. So, when if you are going to sit for long hours on the computer, The Matrix soundtrack with awesome trance can be a good way to keep yourself rolling. The soundtrack is fast paced and is a good way to remain glued to your seat for hours together.

8. Bittersweet Symphony:

By the alternative rock band The Verve, ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ can be another cool song to listen to when you are deeply engrossed in the codes. The cool lyrics and upbeat temp of the song will keep you engrossed in it every so subtly that you’d end up listening to the music without realizing that you’ve done a programming miracle down on the system.

7. Eye of the Tiger:

When you are down and tired as a coder, and think you can’t stretch your session any further even if you have to complete the program, it is time you switch on the ‘Eye Of The Tiger’. The main track from the Rocky series of films can give you the much needed pump quite like the punches thrown in the ring by the titular character. To a techie, there can’t be anything more inspiring than this track.

6. Raining Blood:

A song from the pinnacle of trash metal bands Slayer, ‘Raining Blood’ is a track to liven up a low mood at anytime. Not just the mood, the song has the ability to pump up and motivate a coder; and motivation is the only thing a coder needs when time keeps ticking away but there is a lot to write to complete the program.

5. Angels on the Moon:

‘Angels on The Moon’ by Thriving Ivory is an ironic song which is partly based on the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US and has many typical references to the city of New York. The song is an inspiration that compels a coder to go on and on, typing the codes more vividly like never before. The codes might become more perfect with inspiration from the ‘Angles on the Moon’.

4. I’m Me:

Another great song you can listen to while getting creative with codes is ‘I’m Me’ by American rapper Lil Wayne. Originally titled ‘1000 Degreez’, ‘I’m Me’ gives the listener a sense of urgency about any task at hand. It is one song that a coder can listen to doing just about anything, whether its programming or simply cutting a CSS.

3. Viva La Vida:

Coldplay is surely every creative dude’s pick. If you’ve heard some Coldplay tracks, there is a chance you might have heard the ‘Viva La Vida’. If a techie wants something playing in the background while coding, ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay is perhaps the best choice. And then, it’s always better to have something playing in the background than the dead silence of the office cube in the day or home in the night.

2. Ride the Lightning:

There is no music list meant for a techie that can be complete without a Metallica song in it. Thus, one of the songs that techies love while coding is ‘Ride the Lightning’. The song could become every coder’s anthem – if rock is their taste. Heavy metal is however not ideal for long coding hours, but it is sure is loaded to get you started with some creativity.

1. Walking on a Dream:

‘Walking on a Dream’ by Australian electronic music duo Empire of the Sun is just one fantastic song to work to. Once you start listening to ‘Walking on a Dream’, rest assured, there’ll even be days when you go listening to the track all day, while you code. ‘Walking on a Dream’ is certainly the most comforting song you can listen while working.

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