Top 10 Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

4:36 am 23 Mar, 2013

If your career profile states you as a social media manager, or a digital manager, you know the importance of social media management systems. Managing all social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Myspace, Foursquare, Flickr, and many others can become difficult if done without the help of management systems. These systems are mostly in the form of software that is used on the web or downloaded as an application to begin scheduling posts, managing accounts, checking statistics, and more. And, since this is the new must have, here’s a list of the top 10 social management systems.

10. Involver:

Used by the internal team of Facebook, Involver is social media management software founded in 2007 by Rahim Fazal and Noah Horton. The company was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Involver comes in four packages, basic, professional, business and enterprise. The basic package offers a number of social media tools, including RSS Feed, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and as you keep upgrading the version, more features keep adding to the software.

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involver - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

9. Sprout Social:

A great tool for small businesses, the Sprout Social helps you manage five identities at one point in time with the pro versions and 10 identities with the professional version.  Initially you can try the 30 days free professional version, before you purchase one. You can monitor your accounts on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, and also choose to cross post on the various platforms, schedule posts and track links and referrals.

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sproutsocial - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

8. Virtue:

One of the best social management systems for personalizing your accounts is Virtue. It comes with three main components, like the Virtue Tabs, Virtue Publisher, and the Virtue Apps. With tabs you can manage Facebook Fan Pages, and the apps you can create videos, photos, and polls and surveys. Finally with the publisher, one can post scheduled posts as well as monitor them.

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virtue - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

7. SpredFast:

A tool that excels in data feature integration, Spredfast is the best option for those who enjoy measuring analytics. With the help of this tool, you can measure data gathered on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. You can also check the number of people visiting your profiles, and whether or not the content has been able to hold their attention and keep them engaged. Data can be viewed as graphical presentations, and compared with all other benchmark campaigns.

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spredfast - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

6. Social Oomph:

Earlier known as TweetLater, Social Oomph is the perfect tool for multitasking. It is not just a simple manager of your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also helps in managing blog posts. You can schedule tweets while you regulate you promote your posts or even track certain keywords. And, while Twitter scheduling is free, Facebook scheduling comes with a monthly professional plan.

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socialoomph - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

5. TwitterFeed:

By reading the name of TwitterFeed it is easy for anyone to mistake this tool limited to the management of Twitter accounts only, but in reality it goes way beyond that. Whether you’re a blogger, a webmaster or a community manager, you can easily update your social media accounts with the RSS feed posts and integrate the same with other social media accounts. The system will automatically pull all the new feeds and post them on your social media profiles.

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twitterfeed - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

4. TweetDeck:

An old one, but not an outdated one, the TweetDeck is not limited to the web, but can be installed on various programs on the hard drive of various devices, and be used even offline. Also, in addition to managing your Facebook and twitter accounts, it also allows you to update accounts of LinkedIn, Googlebuzz, Foursquare, and Myspace. You can upload photos on Flickr, and also watch videos on YouTube, using the interface of this application.

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tweetdeck - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

3. CoTweet:

Most useful for people and businesses that use Twitter as the main social media promoter. CoTweet comes in two versions, the free standard plan and the new paid option. While small businesses can opt for the free version as they need to manage only a few accounts and require basic features for managing all conversations. You can also enjoy email notifications, publishing, scheduling posts and lots more with the free version. The paid version includes analytics that are more detailed.

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cotweet - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

2. Buffer:

The biggest competitor to HootSuite in the market in the current times is Buffer. It’s user-friendly interface and does not require a long learning time. Also, scheduling posts on various platforms is much easier and confusion free as far as scheduling of posts in concerned. Also, if there is need to reschedule, one can easily revert the mistakes. HootSuite only scores more on the number of posts that can be buffered. HootSuite permits 50 posts and Buffer allows 10 posts on the free plan.

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buffer - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

1. HootSuite:

Developed by Ryan Holmes in 2008, HootSuite is a social management system that is used for brand management. It’s best features is the integration of a number of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Myspace, WordPress, Foursquare and Mixi. The system is available in three versions, Basic, pro, and Enterprise. What makes HootSuite inferior is that you can see all the activity on every platform at a single glance. It has a custom in-built analytics system that lets you monitor certain keywords, and schedule posts conveniently.

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hootsuite - Social Management Systems to Use Like A Boss

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