Top 10 Soccer Clubs a Noob Should Know

9:00 am 16 May, 2013

The game of soccer is a great equalizer where every playing team has equal chance of winning against the rival. This is the beauty of the game that ensures monopoly is not maintained in the sport and followers support each and every participating team equally and without any bias. Almost all the major soccer clubs enjoy a glamorous status, with ardent fans regularly following the game closely. But just in case you have just come out of a world where soccer is an unknown term, it is time you need a quick update. So, this list of top 10 soccer clubs is meant for noobs like you. Anyone is expected to know the names of these clubs by heart. Go ahead; do it!

10. Benfica:

Founded in 1904, Benfica is the one of the Tres Grandes or the ‘Big Three’ football clubs in Portugal. It is the most successful football clubs of the country and has won 67 titles till date. One of the worlds’s most widely supported team in the world, Benfica is also among the top in terms of the revenue generated. Memorize the name of this club because when in Portugal, it might just help you feel more at ease with people.


9. Bayern Munich:

Bayern Munich, the most popular German football club, is also one of the most successful soccer clubs of the country and is a proud owner of 23 national titles and 15 cups. Founded in 1900, the soccer club has grown in popularity and professionalism over the span of last few decades. The team has its home in Munich but resides in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. An additional info: Most of the members of the German National squad are from this club.

Bayern Munich

8. Inter Milan:

Inter Milan is one of the two most popular football clubs in Italy. The celebrated soccer team has won Champions League and UEFA Cup three times each and the FIFA Club World Cup once. It is one of the wealthiest and valuable clubs in Italian football world. Inter Milan’s rivalry with another home team, AC Milan, attracts millions of eyeballs the world over and is counted as one of the greatest football club rivalries.

Inter Milan

7. Arsenal:

Based in Holloway, Arsenal was founded back in 1899. The Arsenal Football Club has won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA cups. Not only does it enjoy a considerable number of fan following but was also adjudged the fourth most valuable association club in 2012. Arsenal is also one of the most respected clubs all over the world for its style of play.


6. Chelsea:

Formed in 1905, the football club that is based in Fulham, London, is a major force in the present soccer world. It plays in Premier League and known to garner the 5th highest average all time attendance in English football. It won back-to-back championships in 2005 and 2006 – a rare feat not accomplished by many teams in the history of soccer.


5. AC Milan:

One of the most powerful  soccer clubs in the world is the Italian giant AC Milan. Owned by former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, the club has won more number of trophies than any other clubs in the world. It has won six UEFA Champions trophy along with 18 Serie A Titles. Founded in 1899, AC Milan is one of the most successful clubs in Europe. It is the seventh most supported team in Europe and enjoys more support than any other Italian club.

AC Milan

4. Liverpool:

Despite a rocky start some 100 years ago, Liverpool prides itself for its excellence and professionalism. Since the days of John Houlding to date, there has been a wide increase in its fan base. The club registered their first title win in 1901; then won their first FA cup in 1965 and European cup in 1977. At present, Liverpool is considered to be a serious force to reckon with.


3. Real Madrid:

One of the most widely known professional soccer clubs, Real Madrid was founded in 1902. The club is the world’s richest in terms of revenue and its encounters with FC Barcelona are followed closely by large number of soccer fans all over the world. It has won record nine UEFA Champions League titles and three Intercontinental Cups.

Real Madrid

2. Barcelona:

One of the most feared soccer clubs of the present, Barcelona is the representative of Catalonia, Spain. Winner of record two FIFA Club World Cup trophies, Barcelona is the only football club to have played continental football every season since the year 1955. The club has become a symbol of Catalan culture and Catalanism over the years and enjoys huge support the world over for its incredible style of play and players like Lionel Messi. If you have not heard of this man, dude, you are not a noob but an alien.


1. Manchester United:

One of the most valuable sports clubs in the world, Manchester United is an English professional soccer club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester. Winner of 20 league titles and a world record 11 FA Cups, the Red Devils (as they are famously called) has some of the finest soccer players of the world. Considering its huge fan following, the club deserves to feature at the top slot in the list.

Manchester United

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