Top 10 silly and useless inventions

6:17 pm 16 May, 2010

You can warn them a thousand times but people won’t stop. They have done it since their inception on this planet and will continue to do so. We have been stupid most of the times and we continue to do so. Doubt is the father of the invention…. is it? Well if it is then surely it’s step-father is stupidity. Go through the following list to realize it.

10. All in one farm tool

It’s worth the try, except if it ain’t heavy as hell.

9. Umbrella for shoes

It prevents my sandals and at the same time makes me  look like a retard. I love when people gape infinitely until their jaws fell.

8. Shoe broom

It’s more of a exercising tool than a cleaning broom. Whatever….  it surely looks cool.

7. Ctrl+Alt+Del Handle

The designer of this machine tool was so frustrated with pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del after any command he gave to his Windows 98 box, that he swore by the unholy Satan that he won’t ever touch the keyboard for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Thus came out the revolutionary handle and he lived happily ever after!!

6. Butter Stick

This one is not that silly after all. I would definitely love to own this. I wonder if the next version will be loaded with a heating device for the frozen butter in winters.

5. Steering tray

This is a good bet if you have a fast metabolism and need to eat frequently while driving. What a sick fatso inventor.

4. Food Cooler

This one is only for the Japanese as it suits their food and their mysterious greed for introducing technology unnecessary. I bet you the first human to have sex with a machine and give birth to another little machine will be a one of them.

3. Umbrella Tent

This one looks smart. An umbrella as we know it should have been like this. I wonder if this woman had to talk to someone what would she do. Ask him to enter her little umbrella abode. This could be fun!

2. Sleep-Anywhere-Helmet

It’s fun but if someone could only pop a needle in the rubber it would be more fun.

1. USB D**do

Everything is going USB so here it is ……. No Comments!!

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