Top 10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

1:45 am 31 Jul, 2013

Relationships are complex because when two individuals come together, it is highly unlikely to find a perfect fit. Despite this fact, with a little bit of work most relationships can work. People try to look for that perfect partner and many times give up on very good ones. But often the opposite happens and people try to make it work with the wrong person. There are signs that can warn you if you are trying to make the wrong relationship work. If you see any of these signs, get out of the relationship immediately as it will best for both you and your partner. Look out for these top 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship.

10. Your Partner Ignores You In Public:

If your partner is very close and nice to you in private but ignores you in public then it is a sign that they are not comfortable with showing their affection publicly. This usually means that they are ashamed of you and think that they can do better. In such a situation it is better to leave your partner before they leave you for someone they think is a better match for them.

Your Partner Ignores You In Public

9. Your Partner Is Overly Protective:

People can be very protective of the ones they love but some people are overly protective. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. They might love you but if they try to protect you from every little thing, so much so that they don’t let you be independent then they are stopping your growth as a person. They want you to be dependent on them as it makes them feel. If you do something on your own it will make them angry. A healthy relationship is one where both persons respect the independence of others. It is important to understand that people need to face problems to grow. Trying to protect them from every problem is suffocating to that person.

Your Partner Is Overly Protective

8. Your Partner Gets Jealous Often:

Many people are considered to be the jealous types, who don’t want anyone else to even come close to their partners. This again is an extreme of love and like every extreme is unhealthy. If your partner gets jealous too often, it maybe because they are insecure or too possessive. This type of relationship can be very smothering and suffocating to your growth.

Your Partner Gets Jealous Often

7. Your Partner Constantly Criticizes You:

If your partner is always criticizing whatever you do then it can be very hard to live with them. It’s because they don’t appreciate you. This type of relationship is common with a dominant type personality. They don’t appreciate you but still want to be with you just so that they can carry on criticizing you for the rest of your life. This is definitely not a relationship you want to be in.

Woman being mad at her husband

6. Your Partner Makes You Feel Worthless:

Another trick used by dominant personality types is to make their partners feel worthless all the time. They might do this by commenting on your personality or looks or by criticizing your work. They do this to remind you that you are worthless and they are doing a favor to you by staying with you. This helps them stay in control of the relationship.

Your Partner Makes You Feel Worthless

5. Your Partner Makes You Feel Guilty:

Another manipulative technique is to make the partner feel guilty. They try to emotionally blackmail their partners by crying and repeatedly reminding them of how they hurt them. This is a passive type of dominance in which the person takes the role of the victim to gain control of the relationship. It can be hard to get out of such a relationship but it is the best thing to do.

Your Partner Makes You Feel Gulity

4. Your Partner Constantly Compares You To An Ex:

If your partner is always comparing you to their ex then it is not a good relationship. Even if they praise you in comparison to their ex it still means that they haven’t completely forgotten about their ex. They might be trying to convince themselves that they love you and it’s better to not wait for the result and get out while you can.

Your Partner Constantly Compares You To An Ex

3. Your Friends And Family Don’t Like Your Partner:

If your friends and family don’t like your partner it’s usually because of a reason. Your close friends know you well and they try to look out for you. If they can see that your partner is not the right fit for you, the least you can do is to consider their point of view. Often in love people ignore the bad points of their partner and don’t understand why their friends don’t like them. Try to be unemotional and look from the point of view of your friends. It might be that your relationship is not as healthy as you thought.

Your Friends And Family Don't Like Your Partner

2. Your Partner Is Physically Or Verbally Abusive:

This is the red danger light flashing kind of a sign. If at any time of point your partner abuses you physically or verbally, get out of there immediately. Don’t try to rationalize about how it only happened once and how it was your fault and how your partner was very angry. No reason is good enough to justify abusive behavior. If you tolerate it once it will only get worse from there.

Your Partner Is Physically Or Verbally Abusive

1. Your Partner Submits To Your Every Whim:

If your partner is the sweetest person on planet earth and accepts everything you do or say then it is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. It might seem like a good relationship but your partner is consciously trying to submit to you and give you control of the relationship. This type of person is a dependent person who wants to be dependent on you so that they don’t have to be responsible for themselves. They might pamper and flatter you a lot but it’s not a good relationship to be in. After a while such people can become too clingy and dependent and it can be very hard to get out of such a relationship. If your independence is important then it is also important that your partner be independent and strong as well.

Your Partner Submits To Your Every Whim

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