Top 10 scientists who believed in God

5:55 am 9 Nov, 2012

These days many scientists claim to stand by their atheist beliefs, but such was not the story in the past. Many notable and intelligent scientists debated the existence of God. It can be seen that some of the greatest scientists were devout religious beings who tried to intertwine the teachings of religion and science. Here are the top 10 scientists who believed in God:


10. Nicolaus Copernicus:

Nicholas Copernicus was a Polish astronomer notable for proposing the comprehensive model of the heliocentric cosmology. The heliocentric cosmology employed mathematics to illustrate that the earth is not at the center and that the planets revolved around the sun. His works never entailed any religious persecution of any sort and he was urged by the Catholic Bishop Guise and Cardinal Schonberg to publish his works. Copernicus was also referred to as God in his works and he also served as the Canon in the Catholic Church in 1497.

scientists who believed in god

9. Johannes Kepler:

Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician, astrologer and astronomer who propounded his theory on the laws of planetary motion. He was also instrumental in laying down the foundations upon which Newton worked later to arrive at the theory of gravitation. Kepler was a very devoted Lutheran who adhered to the Augsburg Confession that was a document on Lutheranism. However he refused to sign the Formula of Concord and was shunned by Lutherans. His refusal to convert to Catholic also saw him being alienated by other Catholics.

scientists who believed in god

8. Blaise Pascal:

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor and writer. He was known to have established the foundation for probability theory. Pascal also published works on projective geometry and also invented the mechanical calculator.  Blaise was also a Catholic philosopher.  According to sources, he had a religious epiphany that led to the change in direction of his study from science to theology.  He penned down the Pensees(meaning thoughts) that defended Christianity. His last words before dying were, “May God never abandon me”.

scientists who believed in god

7. Michael Faraday:

Michael Faraday was an English blacksmith who later become one of the greatest scientists and researchers of the 19th century. People still refer to him as the best “experimentalist”.  Faraday established the relationship between electricity and magnetism. He also led to the development of electric motor technology.  Faraday was a devout Christian. He was a member of the Sandermanians which is a Christian sect having its roots in Scotland. It’s influence on him as a scientist was widely recognizable.

scientists who believed in god

6. Rene Descartes:

Rene Descartes was a French mathematician, scientist and one of the most influential philosophers of his time. He is often called the father of analytical geometry and is responsible for co-relating geometry and algebra. He was also the father of modern philosophy. Growing up, he had a deep faith as a Roman Catholic and he was firmly guided by its principles till his dying day. Descartes wanted to intertwine the teachings of philosophy and the principles of the church. He is also responsible for the development of scientific methodology that recognizes the importance of God.

scientists who believed in god

5. Max Planck:

The man who introduced the world to quantum physics, Max Planck was born and raised in Germany. He is also notable for making immense contributions towards theoretical physics. But his quantum theory was more epoch making as it clarified our understanding of space and time. He expressed the view that God is omnipresent and that he bestowed his faith in some kind of God. Barely six months before his departure for the heavenly abode, Planck converted to Catholicism. He otherwise never assumed faith in the Christian God.

scientists who believed in god

4. Robert Boyle:

A key member of the Royal Society of London, Boyle was an alchemist, physicist and is also remembered for his works in theology. His important work on gases led to his name being attached with a law that governed the properties of gas “Boyle’s law”. Boyle was a devout Protestant who proved the existence of Christianity against the infidels. He also contributed greatly to translate The New Testament in Irish and Turkish languages. He financed other activities by Christian missionaries.

scientists who believed in god

3. Galileo Galilei:

Galileo was an Italian physicist, astronomer and mathematician who played a pivotal role in the Scientific Revolution, towards its beginning. Galileo is often remembered for his conflict with the Roman Catholic Church after his work that proved heliocentrism was frowned-down upon by the authorities. He was denounced to the Inquisition in 1615 where he was tried and condemned. Despite that, Galileo retained his faith as a Catholic till his death.

scientists who believed in god

2. Isaac Newton:

Considered by many as the greatest scientist to set foot on this planet, Isaac Newton laid the principles for the foundation of classical mathematics through his work “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica”. He was one of the greatest scientists, physicists and mathematicians of all time and is widely known for contributing the laws of motion and gravitation. He was devoutly religious and believed that Arianism was the true form of primitive Christianity. Newton also did a lot of work on biblical numerology and considered theology as an important aspect of his life.

scientists who believed in god

1. Albert Einstein:

Notable for his contribution towards the theory of relativity, Einstein is often quoted as the “father of modern physics” as well as one of the greatest scientists who believed in God. For his mass-energy equivalence formula E = mc2, he received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. Firmly against atheism, Einstein disclosed his faith in the God of Baruch Spinoza but not in a personal God. One of his famous sayings was “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

scientists who believed in god

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