Top 10 Safety Tips to Look Before Booking a Hotel Room

10:00 am 20 May, 2013

Everyone loves to travel. But before venturing out to a new place a couple of things need to be taken care of. One among those is the booking of a hotel room or a place to stay. While budget is a prime factor which determines the choice, safety too is imperative and actually should be placed before the former. Here is a list of safety tips you would need to keep in mind to ensure that the room you finally book ends up being safe for you in all respects.

10. Avoid bidding sites:

There is the trend lately to bid for unsold hotel rooms. In this case, you only need to appraise the site of the city you are travelling to, the dates and your budget. It is only after your transaction has been fully processed that you get to know about the hotel. Now this is a risky proposition considering that even if the room is within your budget, it might not be what you really wanted especially with respect to vicinity and the hotel’s reviews too.

Avoid bidding sites

9. Check for travel warnings and advisories:

Much before you book your room or even decide on the trip for that matter, make sure to find out about the internal situation of the city or country you would be visiting. It is imperative that you find out if there are any threats in that part of the country or world. Only then should you proceed with the hotel or your room booking. Infact only after that should you confirm your itinerary.

Check for travel warnings and advisories

8. Location of the hotel:

Before booking a room you would need to zero in on a hotel. To do that your priority should be in deciding the location of the hotel. Be sure to avoid secluded locations. Ideally the location should be such that it would be safe to walk around after dark, either in an upscale neighborhood or a bustling business district. Hospitals and police stations, if present nearby, are also added advantages.

Location of the hotel

7. Security measures:

The hotel you choose to stay in should have adequate security measures. You would need to find the information before making the final call. It would be helpful to find out if the front desk is staffed throughout the day. Whether surveillance through security cameras and guards are also present in the hotel’s checklist are other important points to note for ensuring your safety.

Security measures

6. Avoid easily accessible rooms:

Security experts have advised against rooms from the ground up to the second floor. You should bear in mind that rooms on these floors can be easily broken into. Hence, another important factor to remember before making that booking is asking specifically for a room from third floor to the sixth floor. They would be safe from break-ins. It is just one of those things that could actually come in handy. It is actually best to avoid rooms facing busy streets or rooms with ground level windows or with sliding doors to the pool or beach.

Avoid easily accessible rooms

5. Fire Safety Compliant:

Fire safety compliance of a hotel is very important. Before you make a booking, it is imperative that you ascertain the hotel’s compliance even for a day’s booking. You might think that it is not important but considering how businesses flout these norms, you might want to think again. You surely wouldn’t want to be stranded in a room that you believed was a good deal in case of a fire.

Fire Safety Compliant

4. Don’t take rooms beyond sixth floor:

Most of the fire engine ladders around the world can reach only up to the 6th floor. Though the hotel could be fire safety compliant you would still need assistance from the firemen in case of a catastrophe. So in order to be safe it is good to ensure that the room you book is not beyond the sixth floor. Thus, book rooms only between third and sixth floors while travelling. It is one of the most significant safety tips to follow before entering a hotel.

Don’t take rooms beyond sixth floor

3. View pictures of the hotel online:

Since most of the bookings these days are done through online portals; it would be a good idea to look at the pictures of the hotels rooms and lobbies before making the decision. There are a lot many sites where the pictures of the hotels would be available. If the hotels have well-lit rooms and hallways, it would be a safe bet for you to go ahead with the booking.

View pictures of the hotel online

2. Read the reviews online:

Thanks to hundreds of travel sites and blogs at the click of a mouse you would be flooded with information about everything pertaining to the hotel. If it is worth the stay or not, if it actually has the services it says it does or of it is actually in a good location; all the information is available in reviews. So make it a point to read the reviews of the hotel online before making the booking.

Read the reviews online

1. Rooms for solo travelling women:

Though for women travelling alone women only hotels are a great option, but since they are few and far in between they need to be extra careful. So if you are a woman and are planning to travel alone make sure that you book a room that is not near stairwells and elevators. Ensure that the room is in the middle of the hallway. And ensure that you avoid corner rooms as they are mostly further away from help.

Rooms for solo travelling women

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