Top 10 Sad Songs Of All Time

9:48 am 26 Aug, 2013

Music can very easily stir human emotions; it can make you sad or glad. It is only with music that you can become livid, laugh or cry to your contentment. Music gave jovial melodies to dote on when in high spirits and sad songs to accompany us in times when we thought the world was crashing down. The impact of sad songs is in for the long haul, especially if they pair well with all that is going on wrong in our lives. Here are listed 10 sad songs; when you listen to them with all your heart, they will be your true ode to the blues henceforth:

10. “Under The Bridge” by Red Hot (1992):

Anthony Kiedis wrote “Under The Bridge” when nothing seemed to happen right for him. At this point of time in life, he was feeling emotionally emaciated. To add to the chaos, adverse consequences of excess prior drug abuse began to show up at the same time; pressure mounted and left him helpless. The song reflects the pain loneliness can bring into one’s life. Kiedis always regretted how he rejected love in life and wasted time doing nothing. Although Kiedis’ hit creation couldn’t fetch him back what he had lost earlier in life, yet it keeps him alive in the memory of his audiences around the world.

9. “Angels” by Robbie Williams (1997):

The song was written by Ray Heffernan and Robbie Williams. Though Heffernan wrote this song (as he told) for his deceased baby son, yet he remained uncredited. The credit was given to Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers; the song was released as a single in 1997. Later, Angels became the bestseller for Robbie and has been voted the best song of the past 25 years at the BRIT Awards!

8. “With Or Without You” by U2 (1987):

This song is the third track from “The Joshua Tree,” a 1987 album by U2, the Irish rock band. The lyrics of the song summarize the struggle Bono did in his life while trying to discharge his responsibilities as a married man, and a musician. He failed to balance his personal & professional life; the song describes it well.

7. “Mad World” by Gary Jules (2001):

‘‘Mad World’’ was originally written and performed by Tears for Fears, the British band. Ronald Orzabal wrote the song and bassist Curt Smith sung it. Years later in 2001, composers Michael Andrews and Gary Jules covered the song in a way slower and minimalist style. This was when the song had a blast, making a glorious comeback. Basically, ‘Mad World’ walks us through an insane world from the eyes of a teenager.

6. “Yesterday” by The Beatles (1965):

Yesterday, solely written by Paul McCartney, is an acoustic guitar ballad expressing the pain of being alone post break-up. The Beatles recorded this song in 1965 for their album ‘Help’. Popular with around 2,200 cover versions today, the song is one of the most covered songs in the category of recorded music.

5. “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor (1990):

The original song was recorded by Prince in 1985. Initially, ‘Nothing Compares to You’ went unnoticed for a really long time. Later, Sinead O’Connor covered this song and released her own version. This time, the song was warm-welcomed by a huge audience internationally. The song did hit number 1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 around the world and maintained that position for quite long.

4. “I know It’s Over”  by The Smiths (1986):

Morrissey, the lyricist and vocalist for the band The Smiths, gave amazing expression to the feeling of rejection in teenage. With extraordinarily catchy lyrics flows a clear narrative of teen anguish – six whole minutes of distress! No kidding! Morrissey never sounded so amazing before; but this time, his voice best generated the impact of rejection of a lover.

3. “Hurt” by Johnny Cash (2002):

Johnny Cash gave the world a legacy of ‘Hurt’ just one year before he died in 2003. ‘Hurt’ was first written by Trent Reznor for The Downward Spiral, an album by ‘Nine Inch Nails’ in 1994. Cash covered the song in 2002; it became more popular than the original one was. Since Cash died shortly after ‘Hurt’ was released, the song turned out to be appealing to people as a mix of tragedy and tribute. If nothing, one sure finds Cash’s delicate vocals in a rare chemistry with a soft and heartrending guitar close to heart.

2. “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam (1961):

Wayne Cochran, while writing ‘Last kiss,’ would have never imagined the song was going to be a big hit in the category of sad songs. Though it is quite interesting to know that it was a dangerous highway (vulnerable to too much of accidents yearly) that inspired him to write this song. It was while living near this highway that he got to witness pain and death so closely; he took some friends along and wrote the song.

1. “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton (1992):

As reckless misery would do it, Conor, Eric Clapton’s four year old son, fell from a window of the 53rd floor New York apartment in New York City in 1991 and died. The loss was whopping and shook millions of fans. Clapton and his family were torn apart. The song was written by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings to describe the pain of this heartbreaking tragedy. Tears in Heaven secured song of the year and record of the year titles and won three Grammy Awards. The song hit number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States and the world remembers this song as Clapton’s masterpiece.

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