Top 10 Relationship Tips That Ruin Your Love Life

12:16 pm 30 Jul, 2013

It is often said that love gets better with time – true for some cases but it isn’t always the case. Sometimes what we do, how we react or how we express can be reasons that ruin our love life. People often say you need to be experienced to be a good lover. But we believe that isn’t the case. All you need to be a good lover is the willingness to see things from your lover’s prospective. Like you feel happy with small things, so does your lover. Like you love surprises so does your lover. Like you seek undivided attention so does your lover. So, simply learn to see things from your lover’s perspective and you will see how easy it is to understand one another and make the love life more wonderful. No matter how efficient you may become, there will be times when you will seek relationship tips, and the first people you will seek help from will be you close friends. But have you wondered whether this advice actually does any good or is it just ruining the relationship? Friends will ideally advice you from their personal experiences in life, which may not be true in all real world situations. So remember, relationship tips are great for romance and love life, but not from everyone and not all the time. Here we have listed for your knowledge 10 common relationship tips that ruin your love life.

10. You shouldn’t change for someone:

When two people fall in love they bring two lives together, and the two lives may not fit well all the time. Though you don’t need to change for anyone, but you should be ready to make a few compromises to be able to fit into each other’s lives like a jigsaw puzzle.

You shouldn't change for someone

9. You won’t find anyone other than your partner attractive:

People often say you cannot feel physically attracted to someone else when you are in true love, but we don’t believe physical attraction has anything to do with love. It is natural to find good looking people physically attractive.

You won’t find anyone other than your partner attractive

8. Relationship counseling is bad:

Visiting a relationship counselor doesn’t mean you don’t have a healthy relationship. A counselor can be a good help in allowing partners understand each other better. Therefore, visiting a counselor shouldn’t be seen in a negative light.

Relationship counseling is bad

7. Things will sort out by themselves:

You may convince yourself by saying that things will change. But things will never change until you make efforts. There should be no ego in a true relationship, so as much as possible strive to change things and don’t leave them to change by themselves.

Things will sort out by themselves

6. Passion will always stay amid partners:

Passion needs constant efforts to stay alive. We all lead busy lives, so if we leave the passion to live by itself – it will be the biggest blunder. Partners need to make constant efforts to love each other to keep the passion running.

Passion will always stay amid partners

5. You shouldn’t have arguments with your partner:

Advisers will tell you that arguments are not healthy amid partners. Yes they can be stressful and hurt the partners, but arguments are a good thing. It helps bring partners together and helps them understand each other better, provided the partners learn from the arguments and change for each other.

You shouldn't have arguments with your partner

4. Having a child doesn’t ruin relationships:

Having a child together is just a way of sweeping the problems under the blanket. Unless you make efforts to understand each other and don’t show willingness to be with one another, having a child will in no way help you dented relationship. Having a child will also not spoil your love life, until you make constant efforts to see things from your partner’s perspective.

Having a child doesn't ruin relationships

3. Perfect relationship is not possible:

Nothing is perfect until you want to make it perfect. Remember good thing in life don’t happen accidentally and perfect relations don’t develop without effort. Make sure you give enough time to understand each other and perfect relationship isn’t far away then.

Perfect relationship is not possible

2. Giving space in relationship will end up things:

Most people advocate the fact that for a healthy relationship, partners need to be only dependent on each other. True, partners need to be interdependent, but it is important that they have enough amount of space away for one another. In a relationship partners need to love each other, but it is very vital that they grow individually too, and giving space to each other doesn’t ruin relationships it strengthens them.

Giving space in relationship will end up things

1. Lover makes your life complete:

The worst relationship tip that you can get is that having a partner completes your love live. Remember, no way in the world do you need a partner to complete your life. Most people get into relationship only because of this catch phrase “a partner makes your life complete” and after a while look out for ways to break up. Therefore please don’t create relationships just to complete yourself, it all bullshit.

Lover makes your life complete

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