Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single (Women)

1:18 pm 25 Mar, 2013

While women of the modern times may have become increasingly independent and might want to remain single by choice, there’s always a category of all those beautiful and successful women who are not single by choice, but due to their behavior. It’s like those you want, don’t want you, and the one who wants you, you don’t want him. Perhaps this is the reason why you are still single. There could be hundreds of other reasons for the same and here’s a list of the top 10 among them why you are still single.


10. You’re emotionally unstable:

If you come with a lot of emotional baggage, you know why guys repel you. Emotional outburst because your ex-boyfriend left you or why all men you ever met are just the same, is only going to invite disgust, not love. Deal with your problems; at least don’t be foolish enough the piss the guy off even before he asks you out. Later on, maybe, you could spill some beans.

You’re emotionally unstable - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

9. Your standards are too low:

Do you hook up with every guy who gives you the time of the day? Or, do you fall for anyone with good money or looks cute? This is certainly a warning that your standards are too low. Not that you should have too high standards, but having some of them is certainly a good thing. Guys don’t buy commitment, when they know the girl is too easy on everything.

 Your standards are too low - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

8. You’re too shy:

There’s probably nothing wrong in being shy, and probably most women are shy at least for the first few dates. But, remember, there’s a difference between shyness and indifference, and if guys mistake your shyness for a no, you’ll probably lose the chance.  The least bit you can do is by expressing your interest in a subtle manner, without overdoing it and without underplaying it, either.

 You’re too shy - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

7. You don’t look after yourself well:

The biggest turn off for any man is an unhygienic woman whose hair is unkempt, dresses in an unflattering manner or, worse, smells bad. Bad teeth, body hair, body odor, pencil thin or pad fat can totally put a girl in the bad books of guys. Guys are more sensitive about the way a woman looks. Well kept women are symbolic of self-control and independence.

You don’t look after yourself well - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

6. You’re afraid of rejection:

The fear of being rejected may have come from past experience. Women often create this shell where they start believing that maybe not being in a relationship will mean there will be less suffering. So, the best way to deal with the situation is the say that you hate men. Men will be able to read this attitude of yours and will stay away from you.

You’re afraid of rejection -  Reasons Why You Are Still Single

5. You’re desperate:

Are you trying too hard to get a guy? Do you flirt with every guy you meet with the hope of a great love affair? That’s a bad sign for guys, and mind you they can smell desperation easily. They might like the straightforward girls, but if your forwardness is way too much for them to handle, you’re out of their books for sure.  You’d be thrown out of the potential ‘girlfriend zone’, and dumped into the ‘desperate stalker’ zone.

 You’re desperate -  Reasons Why You Are Still Single

4. You’re a control freak:

“Everything that’s wrong is a man’s fault.” If this is how you feel, and your reactions are guided by this perception, you know why men don’t come near you. Men are disorderly, and there’s always a limit to their compromise. So, don’t try to babysit them around, or tell them everything wrong in the house or in the garden is because of them.

You’re a control freak - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

3. You’re a high maintenance chick:

Maybe you’ve been your daddy’s princess and had even your whimsical wishes fulfilled, but expecting guys to be like your daddy is stupid. You break your nail and you expect them to leave everything else and be at your service. You want to wear all the expensive clothes and jewellery, and you expect men will load you with those. This is pure selfishness, and no one would buy it.

You’re a high maintenance chick - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

2. You’re clingy in love:

You want your guy to spend every breathing moment only in your presence. Is this you? Then, it’s time to learn that guys hate this. Calling them every 20 min to check what they’re up to, or keeping tab of everywhere they go, is terrible. Guys like spending time with their friends, watch soccer matches, drink late till night, and go freaky at times. It’s healthy to let them have some freedom.

You’re clingy in love - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

1. You’re still dreaming about Prince Charming:

You’re highly eligible, smart, successful and charming, but still alone. One reason could be your endless search for Mr. Perfect or Prince Charming. Note this: Mr. Perfect or Prince Charming won’t come knocking at your door. Oddly, many women create a set of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, and limit their prospects of dating. Since finding the perfect person is not always possible, you might meet disappointment.

You’re still dreaming about Prince Charming - Reasons Why You Are Still Single

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