Top 10 Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

4:00 pm 18 Mar, 2013

 Following the huge success of the previous five seasons since its inception in 2007, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become the most anticipated event for every cricket fan in India. The 2013 season will be the sixth season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 6) and is expected to be more glamorous and successful event then any of the seasons previously. We don’t blindly conclude the aforementioned; here are top 10 reasons why IPL 6 will be more glamorous.

10. New title sponsor:

The Indian Premier League (IPL) in its previous five seasons was primarily sponsored by DLF and was thus termed as DLF IPL. This time around, IPL will, for the first time, be sponsored by Pepsi and the tournament will be called Pepsi IPL 2013. Pepsi will be the title sponsor for the next five editions of the IPL; a deal Pepsi acquired for a whooping Rs.396.8 crore.

New title sponsor - Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

9. Increased advertising and advertising revenue:

Multi Screen Media (MSM), which is the main broadcasting sponsor for IPL, has tagged with a total of eight sponsors to make IPL 6 a success. With increasing advertisement budgets put forward by these companies for the associate sponsorship means there will be increased viewership. MSM believes to increase its advertising revenue by almost 27 percent this year, which would be somewhere around Rs.950 crore as opposed to Rs.750 crore it earned last year.

Increased advertising and advertising revenue

8. More live feeds:

Besides the official SET Max, this time Sony Six will also broadcast the live telecast of the Pepsi IPL. Considering the diverse viewership of the Indian Premier League, broadcasting partner Multi Screen Media has planned to telecast Pepsi IPL 2013 matches on Set Max and Sony Six in Standard and High Definition. Set Max will have commentary in English, while Sony Six will allow the audiences to listen to Hindi commentary.

More live feeds - Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

7. More reach amid audiences:

The cricketing pundits believe that with the increasing live feed, which will also include live steaming on the Internet, the reach of IPL will grow manifold this season. The advertising brands will take IPL as a platform to showcase their goody bags to lure an audience, which might not be possible to target (in one go) in India otherwise. Exciting deals from advertisers will surely entice more people to watch IPL than the cricket frenzy alone.

More reach amid audiences

6. More Bollywood more glamour:

Nothing in India can be called glamorous if the Bollywood stars are not a part of it. The Indian Premier League is no different. IPL, in all its previous seasons, has used celebrities to promote the tournament, and IPL 2013 will continue the tradition. The opening ceremony of IPL 6 will be held on the evening of April 2 at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata and is expected to see performances from Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra.

More Bollywood more glamour - Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

5. More drama and money involved:

Indian Premier League is a hub where player, team franchises and advertisers all stand together to make money. Where money is involved, the drama is bound to be high. Besides being a money making business, IPL is a great platform for some cricket entertainment, which becomes more glamorous with the cheerleaders.

More drama and money involved

4. Quality allocation of funds:

Besides the outside glamour, Indian Premier League is a very glamorous from within. BCCI gains a lot from the IPL, the earning is used by BCCI to develop infrastructure for the sport all around the country, both at the professional and domestic levels. BCCI spends a substantial amount to help develop facilities and to promote the game throughout the country which automatically contributes to the development of great stadiums.

Quality allocation of funds - Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

3. New team:

Indian Premier League 2013 is bound to be more interesting and glamorous with the introduction of a new team, Sunrisers Hyderabad (who replace the former IPL champions Deccan Chargers in the tournament). The team owned by Sun TV Network was launched on October 25, 2012, and is expected to add more spice to the tournament.

New team

2. Cheer at home with personal grooves:

Until the season five of the IPL, Mexican waves and hip shakes were all that the crowds could do in a stadium. Now, IPL entertainment gets a Bollywood touch with choreographer Farah Khan teaching you (well in advance) some dancing moves that you can adapt to you whether watching IPL at home or at the ground. Hip shaking just got more glamorous.

Cheer at home with personal grooves - Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

1. Indian cricket team on a winning spree:

Nothing gets better for an Indian cricket fan to see the Indian team winning matches one after the other. Team India is presently on a winning spree and is all over the Aussies in the ongoing Test series. The Indian players will be a treat to watch, coming in with their best forms to the IPL. Sports and glamour are going to be an integral part of the Pepsi IPL 2013. Enjoy.

Indian cricket team on a winning spree - Reasons Why IPL 6 Will Be More Glamorous

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