Top 10 Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

10:25 am 2 May, 2013

Shifting to a new home is always exciting and one of the biggest developments in our lives. However, this joy does not come alone but brings along the feeling of separation and anxiety with it. Undoubtedly, shifting to a new place is big thing to do. With loads of companies offering moving and packing services, house shifting has become very easy. Nevertheless, the entire business is emotionally and physically taxing. Ask people and they are ready with tips while shifting to make the job easy. Many tips are useful, also necessary to follow to ensure safe and secure transfer. However, let us explore top 10 house shifting hassles that bother us.


10. Managing relocation:

It is very important to be present in person during the relocation process. In general, house shifting may require more than one carrier to transport goods to a new place. Therefore, it is necessary that we should be present there to keep a check on every move so that nothing is misplaced, even while loading in the vans. In addition, personal presence is also required to maintain a strict vigil on the important files, jewellery and money. Advisedly, such things should be kept with us.

Managing relocation - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

9. Taking the initiative:

The biggest problem faced during house shifting is who to contact for moving and packing. Moving home is a big job; hence, we cannot do it alone. We definitely need help from companies offering services. It is essential to have good research while selecting the company as many companies follow a different policy and therefore differ in providing their services.

Taking the initiative - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

8. Unpacking:

As if it was not enough to drag all the stuff from the previous home to the new house, we are also obliged to unpack them all. Yes, we are supposed to unpack every carton that came from the ‘ex-house’. Usually, many of the movers and packers we hire do this tedious task. Even if they take the responsibility of the things such as furniture and crockery to some extent, rest of the cartons is on us to unpack and put them in place in new home.

Unpacking - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

7. Arranging new connections:

Today, necessities such as telephone connection, gas connection, electricity and others have become basic needs of our lifestyle. We are so used to facilities that we consider their presence natural. However, their importance is realized when we shift to a new place; where we have to run from pillars to posts to get these amenities reconnected.

Arranging new connections - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

6. Looking for service providers:

We already have tones of work to do when house shifting. Amidst the mess, looking for services such as domestic help, cable operators and others appears to be a herculean task. However, these services are necessary and urgent. The sooner we get them the easier it becomes for us to settle down in the new place. However, we are forced to tackle these things on our own initially. Apparently, a good time to test our luck!

Looking for service providers - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

5. Security and safety issue:

A new home, a new location is a territory unfamiliar. Though we may have travelled to or visited our home several times before relocating, it remains unexplored until we actually settle down there. Therefore, the main concern that arises while relocating to a new place is security and safety issue. The people in locality are strangers to us; we cannot trust everybody out in the place.

Security and safety issue - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

4. Furniture damage:

House shifting comes with its own issues. Often, during relocation, furniture gets damaged. No matter how safely we try to move the furniture; no matter which movers and packers we hire for relocation, our furniture is at a risk of some damage for sure.

Furniture damage - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

3. Moving and packing problems:

We tend to bring stuffs and furniture in accordance to our house and its décor. While shopping, the only thing that we follow is the suitability and appearance of these stuffs in our home. It feels good to decorate the house. However, the things become a pain in the neck at the time of house shifting. At times it so happens that we actually take note of how burdensome the things are only at the time of packing.

Moving and packing problems

2. Adjustment with new and unknown place:

It is always difficult to accept changes but changes are inevitable. In case of relocation, it is determined and obvious. Leaving the routine of the old place and getting accustomed to the new one is indeed a hard thing. Therefore, the best way to tackle the issue is to enjoy the change and take it sportingly. It will definitely take time to adjust to the new location; however, it is not impossible.

Adjustment with new and unknown place - Reasons Why House Shifting Sucks

1. Loss of friends:

Emotion is what separates human beings from other species. One scenario where emotions automatically get reveled is during house shifting. Man is a social animal and hence tends to form a group wherever he goes. Hence, the major loss during house shifting is the loss of friends and known people. No matter the duration we lived in the old place, we tend to be attached with the environment, locality and neighborhood. It becomes tougher in case we have children in the family; they tend to develop the feeling of getting uprooted.

Loss of friends -

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