Top 10 Reasons Why Hitler Hated The Jews


Hitler’s obsessive hate for Jews still remains a popular debatable topic among the historians. Evil like the one Hitler stood for is inexplicable. His anti-Semitism, ill opinion about Jews and many other reasons clearly suggest that he was insane and an abnormal man (if you’d like to call him that). Hitler’s hatred for Jews brought about the holocaust post WW I. Millions were slaughtered whom he considered infected people; whom he held responsible for every evil there ever was. It’s not easy to confirm the reasons behind his compulsive hate. You would require reading a pile of books before you realize that there was not even a single good reason. But, there were reasons in Hitler’s mind. Here are the 10 reasons that historians believe why Hitler hated Jews:

10. Jew and communists influences:

Most of the Germans were second-rate thinkers at Hitler’s time. Hitler was against the class war principles of communist ideology, which were highly influenced from Marx and Engels. Hitler associated every Jew with people who supported Marxist class-war theory. The division among Germans in the anarchic conditions after World War I fueled Hitler’s hate for Jews.

Jew and communists influences

9. Great economical recession:

Hitler held Jews responsible for the great depression in Germany as they controlled many important merchandises and expert fields. He successfully incited the fellow Germans, making it a dramatic issue. Jews weren’t hit hard by recession as they were wealthy. To Hitler, it appeared as gross injustice that had to be revenged.

Great economical recession

A Poor Family in Berlin during the 1920s.

8. Jews as the reason of defeat in World War I:

According to a newly published book titled “November 9: How World War One Led to the Holocaust,” core reason for Hitler’s hatred was the defeat of Germany in World War I.  Author Joachim Riecker claimed in the book that Hitler blamed the Jews for shameful defeat of the country. He also held Jews responsible for the collapse of the monarchy and ruination in Germany.  Hitler believed they were poisoning the nation from inside.

Jews as the reason of defeat in World War I

An antisemitic cartoon suggesting that the German army was stabbed in the back

7. Early Influence of anti-Semitic literature:

Hitler wasn’t a very educated man. But, his intentions & actions were stimulated by inspiration drawn from the traditional anti-Semitic literature, which at that time preached that Jews were responsible for ‘every’ evil.  Under the influence of some leaders and literature, he conceived many stereotypic beliefs such as – Jews are disloyal, untrustworthy, and not capable of being true Germans citizens.

Early Influence of anti-Semitic literature

A page from an antisemitic children’s book entitled ‘The Poisonous Mushroom’, published by Julius Streicher, the publisher of Der Stürmer (The Attacker).

6. Hitler’s childhood:

Historians and other sources collide on the question of Hitler’s childhood and family background.  Historians claim Hitler to be a Jew himself, which his mother never told him about. One such claim mentions that the hatred started taking shape after Hitler’s grandmother died. The doctor, Eduard Bloch, treating her for breast cancer, was a Jew. Some sources hint at his illegitimate identity as his mother worked at the house of a wealthy Jew family. Hitler is also said to have experienced mistreatment while working for Jew families.

Hitler’s childhood

Hitler as a child

5. Brain damage as a soldier:

Sources claim that before Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany, he moved to Munich and joined German army to become a soldier. While in battlefield during WWI, he is said to have received serious head injuries. Thereafter, he had to quit army and his mental health got worse. Many believe that Hitler was mentally afflicted for having no guilt or humanly emotions at all.

Brain damage as a soldier

4. Master Race Theory:

Hitler had created a master race theory that preached a doctrine of “purity.” According to him, only white people or people having Nordic features, were worthy of living in Germany. It was his depiction of “Aryans”, which he considered the ‘pure race’ of Germans. Jews were nothing more than a bunch of insects for Hitler. He lashed and eliminated everyone who did not confirm with Nazi policy. He wanted to eliminate the impure races to sustain only the pure race.

Master Race Theory

3. He believed in Jew conspiracy:

Hitler had a bizarre belief that Jews were conspiring to dominate the world. The clue originated form widely published ‘secret Jewish handbook’ called, “The Protocols of The Elders of Zion”. The book trained the readers to run the Jewish conspiracy. The book is said have false origin and was aimed at completely to create an anti-Jewish propaganda. Hitler did succeed in making his followers believe the Jews had to be killed for they would create a new world order. In actuality, Hitler wanted to create his own version of new world order.

He believed in Jew conspiracy

The Protocols of The Elders of Zion

2. He Envied Rich Jews:

Majority of the merchants were Jewish. They hold all major profitable business entities. Jews claimed respect. They could be found doing ‘only’ white color jobs. Whether Hitler was indeed jealous of the prosperity one community i.e. Jews enjoyed in Germany or not is somewhat controversial but he used it all to his own advantage.

He Envied Rich Jews

1. Politics and Nationalism:

Exploitation of sentiments of Germans on the basis of reviving nationalism was a part of effective politics during the time Hitler prevailed. He had witnessed that politicians utilized the Jews for political gain. He imitated the policy to empower his own political career. Jews made up less than 1% of the German population at that time. However, despite smaller share in population, they had dominated certain relevant fields such as scientific research where Jews even got Noble Prizes; they controlled the finance, arts and literature.  Hitler exploited traditional religious antipathy toward the Jews and used them as perfect scapegoat for all of Germany’s problems.

Politics and Nationalism

The Nazis used propaganda to build an image of Hitler as a great leader. Hitler was shown as a man with a great vision. He used his own skills of oratory to appeal to the patriotism of the German people


  1. BW

    October 1, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Actually,the real reasons hitler disliked jews was their support of the destructive and murderous ideology of communism and the fact that,despite their low percentage of the population,they had become too dominant in many german institutions and industries.Hitler wanted to get them out of germany,not kill them,but simply make it illegal for them to hold positions of influence in germany because their ideas,their values,their morality was alien to the german nation,which was aryan not jewish.He wanted germany to be influenced by germans,not jews,which was perfectly reasonable.Hitler was trying to achieve a level of excellence in germany and germans that would have been impossible with the presence of jews.He understood the jewish proclivity for deception and scheming and corruption and degeneracy,and he knew that had no place in the proud,racially conscious,autonomous and disciplined germany he was striving for.When we look at what jewish scheming has done to north america and europe racially,socially,educationally,and financially in the decades since the defeat of germany,we understand why he wanted to extricate jews from any position of influence and get them out of the country.We can also see what a rootless multicultural cesspool germany has become since WW2,the antithesis of the nazi era germany of aryan excellence and achievement.This is what the war was fought for.Not the eradication of evil(we would have had to destroy the communists to achieve that)but the eradication of nationalism,of ethnic homogeneity,of national sovereignty and of a great european people.

    • David

      January 1, 2014 at 12:41 am

      You are a fucking fool. Germany rose to power when it’s Jewish population was emancipated (a population present since Roman times), declined when it perpeated the Holocaust, and is now prosperous-after rebuilding its Jewish community. Coincidence?

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