Top 10 Reasons Why God Is Indifferent

9:04 am 1 Sep, 2013

The most debated topic in the history of debates, humans and the world is the existence of God. This debate is still going on today and in spite of more and more people choosing to be atheists, this debate will continue to rage on for a long time. One of the questions that lead to the question of God’s existence is about his seeming indifference to human plight. If he exists then how can he let people suffer in this way? Why is God so indifferent? Here are the top 10 reasons why God is indifferent.

10. God Does Not Exist:

The first reason is the one adopted by the atheists. God doesn’t exist so the question of his indifference doesn’t arise. It’s one way to look at things and the way the world has been for the last few thousand years, this does seem to be a valid outlook. On the other hand it does seem like a copout to the question of God’s indifference.

God Does Not Exist

9. God Does Not Know We Exist:

An interesting point to note is that maybe God doesn’t know we exist. Maybe God did create the universe and he is super powerful but maybe he isn’t all knowing. Maybe he doesn’t know that on speck of dust in his creation, there exist people who pray and debate about his existence. That could explain why he seems to be so indifferent. He just doesn’t know about us.

God Does Not Know We Exist

8. God Does Not Care:

Maybe God is indifferent because he just doesn’t care. He knows we are here and he knows we go through pain and suffering but he just doesn’t care about us. For a God who created the whole universe we’d be just a very small part of it. He’d love stars and galaxies but maybe he just doesn’t care about this little thing called life that has evolved on one of the planets revolving around one of the stars.

God Does Not Care

7. God Has No Time:

What if God has no time to cater to our personal needs? He created all of universe and all of us so what’s to say that he didn’t create life on other parts of the universe. Maybe there is too much life in the universe and all of it is praying and trying to get God’s attention. In such a case the one lonely God will have no time to listen to everyone’s prayers and answer them personally. Maybe we’ve sent him so much spam prayers that he’s put us into his spam folder! This also explains why some times prayers are answered and why miracles were more frequent when our population was less.

God Has No Time

6. God Is Angry:

Let’s say that God created us in his own image. He wanted to have some friends or maybe he wanted devotees to worship him. As long as all of humanity was worshiping him, he was nice to us but since people started not believing in him, he’s gotten angry and is giving us the silent treatment. Maybe he sees all and still remains indifferent because he’s just angry that we are not all praying to him anymore.

God Is Angry

5. God Works in Very Large Time Scales:

God can seem indifferent if we don’t realize what he’s doing. Maybe he works in such large time scales that his actions have very little effects on our short life. Maybe in the long run he has been working to eradicate evil and support good, we just don’t know it yet because it’s only been a few thousand years. That’s like an eye blink in God time. Give the man some time and stop whining.

God Works in Very Large Time Scales

4. God Has Too Much On His Plate:

If God created the whole universe and he has to see to its operation daily then maybe God is just super busy with everything he has to deal with. Maybe our human prayers are on his to do list but he hasn’t gotten to it yet. He’s not indifferent, just jammed. Or maybe he’s a procrastinator just like the rest of us. What if he gets on Facebook instead of answering our prayers!

God Has Too Much On His Plate

3. Good and Bad Are Human Perspectives:

One serious alternative to God’s indifference can be the fact that what seems good and evil to us is all the same to God. Think about it, God created everything in the universe. The whole universe is his child and anything that is done by his children is all good in his eyes. Maybe what seems evil to us is just our way of thinking. As long as the universe continues to go on, everything is good for God.

Good and Bad Are Human Perspectives

2. God Has Forgotten About Us:

Maybe God has forgotten about us. Maybe he’s got attention deficit disorder or something. Maybe he created us to play with us but then got bored and went on to create other things. Maybe God is a child who started earth as his favorite new project only to leave us in his closet and get busy with other projects. Now here we are alone in the dark and wondering why God is indifferent to us.

God Has Forgotten About Us

1. God Works in Mysterious Ways:

We just can’t perceive his work because he works in mysterious ways. We think that if we are suffering then the guy who made us suffer should be punished by God. We want that guy to fail in life, we want his wife to leave him and we want him to end up on the side of the road. But maybe God does punish him but just not in the way that we want. We see him continuing to live a good life but we can’t see how unhappy he might be from inside. We can’t expect God to tell us how he’s been working to answer our prayers but in one way or another he does answer every prayer.

God Works in Mysterious Ways

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