Top 10 Reasons to Salute Oskar Schindler Every Morning

12:00 pm 1 Jun, 2013

Oskar Schindler was an ethnic German industrialist, spy and member of the Nazi party. But most importantly he was a hero; a real hero who is credited to having saved the lives of over 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust. Certainly wouldn’t have been an easy task considering how volatile the conditions were at that point in time, but he did it nevertheless. He is a man who needs to be remembered for he showed the world that humanity does survive in the worst possible conditions. Let’s have a look why you should look up to this man every day and give you top 10 reasons to salute him.

10. Untainted soul inspite of having flaws:

He was just like any ordinary person. A man with flaws just as any person in the world would. Schindler lived at the time when thousands of Jews were taken to concentration camps and killed by the Nazis. But he alone saved over 1200 Jews. He walked through the murky lanes of the Holocaust, but emerged with his soul unpolluted. What he did was something that not every person in the world would have been able to do.

Untainted soul inspite of having flaws

9. Risked his own life:

He was a regular at Nazi SS elite parties. One could say that although he was one of them, he wasn’t actually one of them. It was highly dangerous, what he did at the time when the Nazis were going out all guns blazing on Jews, if it came to be known that a man who was one of their own was shielding them. But Oskar Schindler did it nevertheless because that was perhaps the right thing to do!

Risked his own life

8. Gave everything he had to protect Jews:

Schindler was a war profiteer who had made lots of money using his skills of presentation, bribery and grand gestures. But he spent all his wealth to save the Jews. Who would have done that? Not many, for it takes courage, dedication and a soul free from greed. He spent millions and millions to keep Jews safe. The sad part is that he died penniless but his sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

Gave everything he had to protect Jews

7. Used the status of his company to protect Jews:

Oskar Schindler used the status of his company to protect the Jews that worked for him. He called them Schindlerjuden which means Schindler’s Jews. He used his connections with the German government to emphasize that to ensure the functioning of his company he needed the Jews. Since his factory was a business essential to the war effort, he was able to save many.

Used the status of his company to protect Jews

6. Treated Jewish workers civilly:

He not only protected the Jews that worked for him but treated them with respect, too. It was at a time when Jews were at the receiving end and life had become a hellish ride for them. But Jewish workers at Schindler’s factory were treated properly. They were not beaten and abused as in the other factories. It was in contrast to what was happening to the Jews in the Płaszów camp just around the corner from the factory.

Treated Jewish workers civilly

5. Allowed Jews their religious practices:

It was a time of chaos where surviving was the priority and at the same time extremely unlikely. But Schindler’s Jews were luckier than the others. He let them gather for Shalosh Seudos and sing zemirot at the close of Shabbat. They would even say words of Torah and stories of tzaddikim. Only a man with shimmering humanity could have been able to do that in that period.

Allowed Jews their religious practices

4. Moved his factory to Brünnlit:

When Schindler was alerted that his enamelware facility would be closed and all the workers would be moved to the neighboring concentration camps, he persuaded the officials to let him move his workers to Brünnlitz. He argued that he would be producing hand grenades and parts for V-2 rockets in the new factory with the help of his workers. A risky proposition but he succeeded in doing it and saved the lives of his workers.

Moved his factory to Brünnlit

3. Sabotaged weapons:

The facility that Oskar Schindler set up in another former Jewish factory in Brünnlitz was supposed to produce weapons to be used by the Germans. Hand grenades and parts for V-2 rockets were specifically to be produced. It is not clear how much was produced and how much was used by the German army. But it is said that Schindler made his men sabotage the output. That again was a brave thing to do.

Sabotaged weapons

2. Helped Jews with disability too:

He was perhaps one of those few men who dared fight the sadism around him intelligently. Whenever there was a threat to his workers he would show them as essential to the factory’s functioning. But what is essential to note here is that he even saved persons with disability showing the government officials that they were necessary mechanics and metalworkers.

Helped Jews with disability too

1. Helped Jews irrespective of cost:

When he set up a facility in Brünnlitz, Oskar Schindler spent all the money he had to ensure the best food, clothing, shelter and medical care was given to the Jews. He spent as much as he could, all his wealth. It was as if he was taking care of his own children. But perhaps that was true as his wish was to be buried in Jerusalem where he is known to have said that his children lived.

Helped Jews irrespective of cost

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