Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

12:22 pm 30 Sep, 2013

We all know there is a lot of violence in the world. Countries are fighting with each other, citizens are fighting against governments and neighbors are fighting against each other. In schools children bully other children. There’s violence in the movies and in video games. There’s hatred and anger in songs and books. But why is the world in this condition? There are many reasons behind violence in the world and every fight will have different reasons. But there are a few common factors that lead to violence all around the world.

10. Intolerance:

One of the biggest reasons behind violence is that people are becoming increasingly intolerant of each other. There is no sense of brotherhood or camaraderie among people any more and in stead there is a sense of mistrust and hatred. People don’t trust anyone and think that everyone is out to get them. Why we have become intolerant is a question that needs to be answered if we want to decrease all the violence.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

9. Drugs:

Drugs are a cause of violence in many places. On one level the drug mafia is very violent within itself. They fight with each other to gain more power and also fight with the governments who try to stop them. But on another level drugs also cause violence among its users. Some resort to violence in order to score the next high while others get violent while they are high.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

8. Broken Homes:

More and more marriages today end up in divorce. People have stopped getting married at all. All these broken homes are no place to raise healthy kids. As a result of this kind of disruption of homes children grow up to be highly untrusting and intolerant individuals who resort to violence easily.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

7. Greed:

If we think about wars, the biggest reason comes out as greed. Many reasons are given as pretence but the main reason is always greed. Peace, democracy, chemical weapons etc. are all propaganda that the greedy governments and corporations use to justify war. But really what they are after is the oil, land and other natural resources of other countries. Not to mention that war is profitable in itself for the manufacturers of weapons.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

6. Media:

One reason why violence is spreading is because of media and its principle that good news is no news. Our news is full of negative news and the mainstream media is persistently fooling the masses. We only read about how many rapes, murders and robberies happened on the previous day but we don’t hear about people doing good things. It makes the world look more violent and bad than it is and in turn increases violence and mistrust among people.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

5. Lack of Education:

Ignorance and lack of awareness is a big cause of violence. This happens when proper education is not provided to people. Proper education is not just schooling but the way the elders of the society teach young people how to act and behave. Ignorance makes people easy to convince and manipulate into hurting each other.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

4. Racism:

Racism is a big cause for a lot of violence in the world. People like to connect with people that look like them and mistrust anyone who looks or behaves differently. Although apartheid doesn’t exist officially, in most countries, racism still exits. And this racism isn’t just about the color of the skin. People from different regions don’t trust each other and think in stereotypes.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

3. Unemployment:

Unemployment leads to crime and violence. When young people don’t have a legitimate job they have no choice but to resort to crime to feed themselves and their families. It has been seen all around the world, even in developed countries, that there is a direct correlation between the rate of unemployment and the rate of crimes and violence.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

2. Religion:

For centuries religion has been the biggest cause of war and violence across the globe. Most religions talk about non violence and compassion in the scriptures but they don’t put it into practice. The religious leaders have always manipulated their religions and the religious scriptures to yield power over the masses. Holy wars have been fought for centuries and are still being fought.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

1. Poverty:

If there is a reason bigger than religion then it has to be poverty. Poverty leads to hunger, lack of education and drug abuse which all can lead to violence. Even more than poverty, the disproportion distribution of wealth is a bigger cause of violence. It creates a rift between individuals and pits them against each other. The fact that one can get extremely rich leads to greed and the desire to become rich and powerful.

Top 10 Reasons Behind Violence In The World

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