Top 10 Real-life Superheroes

8:30 am 2 Jul, 2013

We all have seen superheroes in movies and have played them on X Box and playstations, from childhood till date. These marvelous heroes have amazed us with their surreal abilities, skills, looks and their unique functional costumes leave us in awe of them. However, have you ever really thought that there could be such superheroes in our real lives too? They look just like us, walk among us, and even perform normal chores of day-to-day. Learning about them, you may try to search one within yourself too. Here are top 10 real life superheroes and their unreal qualities, which will leave you awestruck.

10. Super Echolocation:

Famously known as Captain Sonar, Ben Underwood can see with his ears, when he listens to the sounds produced near him. Ben suffered from retinal cancer when he was two and a half. At five, his life completely transformed when he discovered that he can detect things around him by making quick clicking cacophony’s with his tongue. It was indeed a ‘special’ ability. Now, he can play video games, ride a bicycle and amaze the onlookers.

Super Echolocation

9. Power of Gourmandization:

Michael Lotito is another in the list of real-life superheroes, who can eat anything in this world that you name. By anything we mean even an aeroplane. Yes, it sounds a little crazy but he can really do that! His name was added in the Guinness book of world records after he ate his own TV set. Since then Michael Lotito is well-endowed with these special powers and has been shocking us with his bizarre eating pecularities.

Power of Gourmandization

8. Knight Warrior:

Roger Hayhurst, when he was just 19, took over Manchester’s crime scene and solved all Manchester’s criminal issues. He is protected with his absolute cogency. Roger conceals his ordinary identity behind a mask and a cape; and he looks like a retro warrior who helps the homeless by offering them food, clothing and shelter. Yeah, all this sounds like a movie script by it is actually true. We need more of such warriors to make this world a better place, no?

Knight Warrior

7. Dark Guardian:

This superhero of Manhattan, New York seems to have walked just right out of an action movie. He saves the world around him from the offenders who want to take law enforcement for a ride. The superhero named Chris Pollak, is a martial arts expert. When on mission, he gets all suited up with his mask to fight dangerous drug trafickers in Washington and other surrounding areas.

Dark Guardian

6. Captain Australia:

If you think wearing a mask and a cape makes you a superhero then you are sadly mistaken. You need warrior’s instincts and insight to fight a dangerous crime scene, like this captain. He keeps his name a mystery but unravels and takes up the gauntlet with the criminals to protect the streets of Australia.

Captain Australia

5. The Lion Whisperer:

Kevin Richardson does not wear a mask or a costume of a superhero. He looks like a boy next door; yet he does things of the caliber of a superhero. He does not fight criminals but does an exhilarating job of talking to Lions and sharing their bereavements, which is no less than an aeroplane heroic deed to cuddle the beastlike whose teeth are sharper than the steel of an axe.

The Lion Whisperer

4. Colorful Wheel Clamp Superhero:

Ever seen a colorful superhero that helps control the crime by nabbing the criminals? This one dresses in colorful superhero attire and cuts off the wheel clamps of cars which are wrongly parked causing trouble to the locals. He patrols around the city of Perth with his clamping tools and keeps a vigilant eye on the defaulters and other crimes.

Colorful Wheel Clamp Superhero

3. Flashing Blade:

This superhero in his 40’s from South Fields (U.K.), busted a gang armed with chains and knives saving two Southfield detectives who were unarmed. This mysterious superhero swung in like Tarzan and salvaged the two detectives from getting killed. He rescued many more after that. He is the guardian savior on a selfless duty in Southfield streets.

Flashing Blade

2. The Savior of the Poor:

This Chinese female superhero from Beijing, China keeps her name and identity a secret, wearing a mask and a robe. She feeds the homeless people on the streets of Beijing by providing them food and clothes. Such superheroes are like godsend angels for poor and needy, who look out for help and shelter all the time.

The Savior of the Poor

1. Superhero of California:

Famously known as Mr. Extreme, the greatest among real-life superheroes has been working for seven years now. He is a day security guard in San Francisco. He walks all suited up with shin guards, cape and an army helmet around SFO with his eye glares on to make him more observant of all the crimes happening in daylight of the city. Although he performs only what many of you call his mere duty, he does with a zeal and sharpness of a surreal hero.

Superhero of California

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