Top 10 Quick Centerpiece Ideas

11:29 am 28 Sep, 2013

Centerpieces are the last thing that comes to anyone’s mind and usually the time is too short by then. They help in giving your table a whole new look but we are just so busy making the food that we forget about the centerpieces totally. So, if you are having some big day at your place and you would not like your table to be empty, all you have to do is, open up your mind and thoughts and be creative. Don’t just pray secretly that no one notices that empty space on your table instead put your thoughts together and create a centerpiece, which is worthy for the occasion. Below are ten quick and inspiring centerpiece ideas, which can be put on the table and trust me, they will gain you a lot of compliments.

10. Wishing well:

Place a large and an empty bowl in the center of the table and keep the strips of the paper ready. As your guests keep on arriving, tell them to write a message for the person in whose honor the party is been given. When all of them finish writing their messages, twirl the papers inside the bowl. Now, make the honoree read all the messages, over the dessert. This idea is going to make you a sure-shot rockstar for adding all the emotions and humor in the party.

Wishing well

9. Fruits in the water:

You would have surely heard about the floating candles, so do something innovative and instead of the candles put fresh fruits in the plates or glasses of water. Make sure to have seasonal fruits of different colors as they will lighten up your table. The perfect combination would be of oranges and avocado with a strawberry on the top.

Fruits in the water

8. The ‘sweet’ affair:

Place a large vertical shaped flower vase in the center of the table and fill it with sweets till the top. This is a very easy and an awesome way to make your table look beautiful. Try putting in sweets wrapped in different colored foil papers. To add to its charm, add sprinklers on the top.

The ‘sweet’ affair

7. Pine cones:

Gather pine cones from the driveway and paint them in silver or golden color, now arrange these in glass vessels and place them in the center of the table. This kind of centerpiece idea is a best suited to the festival celebrations. You can also tie ribbons on the rim of the vessels and splash some glitter on the top.

Pine cones

6. Daisies:

Take a long wooden plate and place different color daisies with lush green grass in the middle of the table. The daisy centerpiece will give a very cool look and will also fill the atmosphere with freshness. Trust me; this is the quickest and the easiest one to do if you are short in time.


5. Modern art:

Now you really have to bring out the creativeness in you to get this centerpiece materialized. Yes, do some modern art in the center of your table. Well, this modern art can be done with anything you have in hand, try using pomegranate and grapes or you can even use bananas combined with oranges and grass.

Modern art

4. The ‘Daisy’ candles:

Pluck some daisies with strong stems and try placing them on top of oranges or plums, which will make them look like candles. This style is sure to be liked by many. Place your fruits in a tray or a tub in the center of the table. These daisy candles are going to be a sure-shot hit!

The ‘Daisy’ candles

3. Pumpkin flowers:

Take a big fat pumpkin and cut it from the top making a deep hole inside the circular thing. Take out all the pumpkin from within and instead place beautiful flowers on top. Well, you can even call this one as the real pumpkin flower vase. For the flowers to be put inside the pumpkin, choose those with shades like yellow or you can simply go for white.

Pumpkin flowers

2. Pom Poms:

Pom poms kept inside huge silver vessels make a beautiful centerpiece. Make the pom poms from different colored papers and sprinkle some glitter on top of each one of them. Choose funky colors like bright pink and florescent green, as they will help in adding light to your party.

Pom Poms

1. Kitchen on the table:

Bring out your kitchen vessels on the table, well not literally! Ice-cream moulds, cake tins and ice buckets can make really good vases for the centerpieces. Place different flowers in each on them and you can even place them height wise, like the ice bucket first and then the cake tin followed by the ice-cream mould.

Kitchen on the table


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