Top 10 Qualities Students Want in Their Teacher

1:00 pm 8 Mar, 2013

Being a teacher is a challenging task. Simply teaching your subject is not enough; teachers have to be role models for the students and help them grow into useful citizens. And, with students becoming smarter with each passing day, the challenge becomes graver. Respecting teachers is no longer a compulsion. There are, in fact, characteristics or qualities that make a teacher ideal. The ones sought after by most students are as follows. Take a look if you are a teacher yourself, and see whether you have any of the top 10 qualities students want to see in their teacher.

10. Come to class to teach:

The overall personality of a teacher also determines the way students are inspired. Students can clearly distinguish between teachers who’re passionate about their work and come to class with the motive to teach from those who come to class under clear compulsion. Some of the words that describe the former type of teachers are: Committed, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Exciting and Caring.

Come to class to teach

9. Helpful and accessible:

No two students are alike. There will always be a mix of students with different abilities in a class. Some would be quick learners while others may take more time. This is when the students need a helping hand. A good teacher will always dedicatedly work for the improvement of the weak, while posing newer challenges to those who are smart. Teachers need to be more accessible so that students can approach them for any given problem even after class.

Helpful and accessible

8. Patient and consistent:

Young students are bound to do mischief. It’s their time to enjoy life, and have fun under any situation, even when it means playing pranks on teachers, secretively sleeping in class at times, drawing cartoons on the back pages of the books etc. There’s nothing unnatural about this phenomenon, but one needs to patiently take such behavior and try to positively mold it into more mature reactions. Punishment and scolding will only do more harm than good.

Patient and consistent

7. Understanding and friendly:

Teachers can become friends with their students provided they extend a hand of friendship and understanding to them. It’s never in vain to be lenient and caring for the students. Students like teachers that are approachable and willing to answer all their questions, no matter how stupid they are. This may mean you might have to make a little extra effort; assist students not only within class, but also be available to solve their problems outside class, too.

Understanding and friendly

6. In depth knowledge of the subject matter:

Teachers are expected to be the lighthouse of knowledge, and if they’re unable to answer questions or discourage students from asking questions, they’re said to be in the wrong profession. Modern kids are smart enough to read text from the books, and pass exams, but what they need is something that takes them beyond the books, and into the real world. Experienced teachers, with answers to all questions are thus highly in demand.

In depth knowledge of the subject matter

5. Disciplined but not strict:

Being disciplined is asked of every person in different professions. Even our universe works with discipline. If, even for a day, the Earth stops rotating, our world would collapse. Similarly, if a teacher is unable to imbibe discipline in his/her life as well as that of the student’s, there is bound to be a conflict of interest. And, don’t mistake discipline for strictness. Rules and regulations can be helpful only if they are kept more open.

Disciplined but not strict

4. Passion for teaching:

The most important quality that a teacher should posses is that of having a passion for teaching. Clearly, not all teachers have this attitude. Some are in the profession to only make a living, while many others just landed in the profession by chance. These are the teachers who never make it big. Students like teachers who love their job, and are willing to make all efforts to help in their growth and learning in the right direction.

Passion for teaching

3. Encouraging and optimistic:

Often, even simple tasks can become long arduous battles for some student. They may lack an aptitude for the subject, have a learning disability, or have disinterest in a given subject, which makes their learning slow. These are times when the teachers need to give hope and encouragement to the students. An optimistic approach towards the good can restore the student’s faith and inspire them to work harder.

Encouraging and optimistic

2. Having a firm belief in students:

A teacher is not complete if he comes to class doubting his students and their abilities. There are certain subjects like mathematics, which are not a cup of tea for all. It needs to be taught again and again, and many will fail in it despite the efforts. These are times when the students need someone who shows a firm belief in their abilities, and encourages them and constantly motivates them to perform better.

Having a firm belief in students

1. Creative and fun to be with:

Sitting for long lectures is the worst thing for a student. Young students are energetic and want something exciting to happen all the time. Use of videos, presentations and other fun material will not only keep students interested, but will also give them a chance to grasp the subject easily. The more they participate, the more they learn.

Creative and fun to be with

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