Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

8:05 am 7 Oct, 2013

Nature can be as furious as it is beautiful. It gives us life but it can easily take it away too. Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes are all nature’s fury in action. It is important to take precautions before and during a storm to ensure proper safety and prevention of damage to property. While major hurricanes can rip apart even the strongest homes, the minor storms can also cause a lot of damage if proper steps are not taken for prevention of loss to property and life. You can’t stop the storm for no one has control over mother nature, but you can mitigate the damages by adopting these prevention tips.

10. Take Photographs of Your Property for Insurance Claims:

If you receive warning for a major storm to hit your area, it’s always advised to take photographs of your property before the storm hits as it helps during insurance claims once the storm has passed. Also make sure to find out what kind of cover your insurance provides against damaged caused by storms, lightening and flooding etc.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

9. Do not Try to Capture the Storm on Video:

Once the storm hits, some people try to capture it on video. It has become our second nature to capture everything on camera. But standing outside with a camera during a storm is dangerous. If you must make a video, make it from indoors. The best is to respect the storm and just buckle in and let the storm pass over.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

8. Prepare Your House:

Preparing your house for a storm will ensure minimal damage to property. Make sure all items outside the house are fixed to the ground. Bring in chairs, barbeque equipment, umbrellas etc. that are not fixed to the ground and can fly away in strong winds. Bring in any potted plants that aren’t strong enough. Make repairs to drainage systems and fix up any broken windows. If a strong hurricane is expected, you might want to board up the windows with plywood.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

7. Prepare an Emergency Kit:

Apart from preparing the house you should also prepare an emergency kit in case of the worst case scenario. The kit should include survival equipment such as flash lights, batteries, cash, clothes etc. and also the important papers and documents that you need to protect. If you think you might have to evacuate on a short notice, prepare the bags of every member of the house. Store the kit at an easily accessible place.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

6. Do not Drive:

It is best not to drive during a hurricane or a storm. Flash floods due to rain or overflowing rivers can be very dangerous if you are in a car. It is not easy to judge how deep a muddy puddle is and you can get stuck on the road. If the car gets swept away in a flood you can drown. If you must evacuate do it before the storm hits.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

5. Stay Indoors:

If you are going to see the storm through without evacuating then it is best to stay indoors once the storm hits. Make all preparations outside before the storm comes and once it hits, stay indoors. It will help you stay dry and safe and you can patiently let the storm pass.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

4. Bring all Pets Inside:

If you have pets make sure that they get inside as well. It is irresponsible to keep pets outside the house during a storm or a hurricane. If you have larger animals such as cows and horses make sure their enclosures are properly sealed and that they have adequate food and water so that you don’t have to go outside to feed them.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

3. Remove Electrical Equipment from Outside:

Before a storm comes, remember to remove all electrical equipment from outside. If you have extension cords or Christmas lights or any other electrical wires leading to the outside, bring them in. Disconnect outside lights from the mains as lightening can strike such electrical equipment.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

2. Unplug All Electrical Equipment:

It is not enough to switch off all your electrical equipment but you should also disconnect and unplug all wires from the wall sockets. Even if the power is out, still unplug all equipment as it can get fried if lightening strikes an electric pole near your house. Landlines should be used only for emergencies as telephone wires too can carry current.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

1. Stay Away from Windows:

During a storm, you might be attracted into watching the awesome display of power and lightening but it is best to stay away from windows. High winds can carry objects that can strike the window and break the glass. Windows with metal bars can attract lightening. To stay safe stay away from windows and stay in the innermost rooms of the house.

Top 10 Prevention Tips For Future Storm

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