Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

8:33 am 30 Oct, 2013

If there was ever a television series worth watching then it has to be House MD. This incredible medical drama series works because of great and deep writing, wonderful direction and cinematography, amazing background score and brilliant acting my all the cast especially the lead actor Hugh Laurie. Laurie is an incredibly talented person in real life and he plays an incredibly talented doctor, Gregory House, in this series who only relies on logic and reason, is shamelessly selfish and doesn’t mind manipulating even his best friend for his own needs. It’d be a silly attempt to make this list but after running behind critics and fan shows we’ve concluded that following ten episodes of House MD have something special.

10. Games (S4E9):

“Games” is an episode in season 4 of House MD. In this episode House has to make the final decision about who to keep in his team and who to fire. The episode stars Jeremy Renner, of the Hurt Locker fame, as punk rock guitarist Jimmy Quidd and delivers a good performance. There is a great guitar composition playing in the background towards the end of the episode that was composed and performed by Hugh Laurie.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

9. Three Stories (S1E21):

In this season 1 episode we learn about how House hurt his leg. The episode is very well made with House teaching a class of medical students. He tells them three stories about three patients suffering from problems to their legs. They have to diagnose what is the problem with each patient and one of that stories is that of House.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

8. Euphoria Part1/Part2 (S2E20/S2E21):

This is the first two-part episode in the House MD series. Only two more two-part episodes were made in the series and incidentally both are on this list. In these episodes, a policeman is brought in who is irrationally giddy even after getting fragments of a bullet lodged in his head. As the team tries to find out what disease he’s suffering from, Foreman also gets infected. The policeman dies at the end of the first episode but Foreman is saved at the last moment when House discovers the real disease.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

7. Broken Part1/Part2 (S6E1/S6E2):

Broken is a two-part episode that forms the starting two episodes of season 6 in which House is in the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital to get rid of his addiction to vicodine and other psychological problems. He meets Lydia, a patient’s sister in law and falls in love with her. These two episodes were very well received for the brilliant performance by the actors and also the way the two episodes were shot like a short movie.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

6. House Vs God (S2E19):

This is a great episode of season 2 of House MD. In this episode House has to deal with a young faith healer who claims to be able to talk with God. This is a very interesting episode as seemingly miraculous things happen but House refuses to believe that faith healing was possible and in the end he turns out to be right.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

5. House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart (S4E15/S4E16):

These two episodes are part of the same story and form the season finale of the fourth season of House MD. House gets in a bus accident and has memory loss but remembers that somebody on that bus is going to die. In House’s Head we get to take a look at how House’s brain works and in Wilson’s Heart episode tests the friendship of House and Wilson as House treats Wilson’s girlfriend Amber Volakis.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

4. Everybody Dies (S8E22):

Everybody Dies is the series finale and appropriately is one of the best episodes ever. House is in an abandoned building that is slowly burning to the ground with the dead body of an old patient and fellow addict. His subconscious argues with him about the patient and his illness. Wilson and Chase try to find House and just as they reach the building, it crashes down. House is considered dead but later on is found to be alive. He and Wilson drive off into the sunset as the series ends.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

3. No Reason (S2E24):

No Reason is the season 2 finale. In this episode a patient shoots House. When he wakes up he finds himself next to the man who shot him. As he tries to work on a case it turns out that everything is not as it seems. House start hallucinating when he finds out that the man who tried to kill him did so because House had treated his wife and had told her about an affair he had had due to which the wife later committed suicide.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

2. Help Me (S6E22):

Help me is the season finale of season 6 of House MD. In this episode House struggles with his relationship with Cuddy and also has to save a woman trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building. He is also treating the crane operator who fell asleep at the crane which caused the building to collapse. In this episode House is struggling with his addiction to vicodine as things fall apart in his life.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

1. Last Resort (S5E9):

Last Resort is an episode of the 5th season of House MD. In this episode a man takes the waiting room of the Princeton-Plainsboro hospital as hostage where House and his team member Thirteen are also present. He demands to be cured from a long undiagnosed illness that he’s been suffering from. The man wants House to give all medications to the hostages before giving it to him so that he can know that they are not just anesthesia. Thirteen volunteers to be the guinea pig and we get to go deeper into her psyche and also see how House manipulates everyone including the gun wielding man.

Top 10 Most Popular Episodes Of House MD

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