Top 10 Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

8:59 am 14 Jun, 2013

The Godfather Trilogy is one set of classic films that appears on most people top rated movies. The trilogy is so fantastically adapted from the novel and brilliantly played by the actors that it has already been decorated amply. But what intrigues is; while the movies themselves have been adjudged the best on many levels, what is the best in these movies that makes them figure on nearly all the world’s top film lists. Here is a compilation of top 10 best pleasures one does get while watching the Godfather Trilogy.


10. Cast and Performances:

The one thing that never ceases to amaze about the Godfather Trilogy is the absolutely fantastic star-cast and incomparable performances. Every time one watches the films, one is filled with an undefined pleasure surpassing all that is real.  The depiction of the characters is so powerfully undertaken, it is almost hard to believe you are watching a movie-screening.

Cast and Performances - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

9. The Storyline and Adaptation:

The story is crafted very artistically by Mario Puzo and adapted tastefully and graphically by Francis Ford Coppola that it is just impossible to not be moved. The joy of watching the plot unfold, particularly the character of Michael Corleone, who starts off as the good, clean guy only to turn out to be the most badass of all the killers, is simply amazing.

The Storyline and Adaptation - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

8. The Dialogue:

The dialogue is another one of the compelling forces in the trilogy. The curt and crisp script simply elevates the dialogue delivery to another level which is artistic, thought-provoking and intelligent to say the least. Speech effects and mannerisms by the artists get so close to real life situations that it is hard not to be influenced by it.

The Dialogue

7. The trendsetter for mob movie culture:

Slickness of the Godfather Trilogy and the film craft deployed has proved to be the precursor for all the mob movies that followed and are popular with audiences these days. The movies brought about a trend of stylish and powerful dark characters hated for their bad deeds but also loved for the portrayal. Not afraid of anyone, not bowing before any superior person, kicking ass all the way and most importantly having a moral code, were some of the qualities of the main characters that endeared the audiences.

The trendsetter for mob movie culture - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

6. Great scenes:

The Godfather Trilogy is packed with some of the best scenes filmed ever where the director has been able to bring out the finest for the cast. Some of the scenes that stand out are Sonny beating the shit out of Carlo; “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”; the horse head; Michael shooting Solozzo and the cop; Vito’s rise; and, the final scene where Michael dies of old age, all have the filmgoer glued to their seats.

Great scenes - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

5. The direction:

The direction of the film is so perfectly held together that there is not a scene extra than what is needed to show the story. The locales chosen for the drama to play out, the musical undertones used, the camera movement, the sound and lighting deployed bring alive the dark world of the mafia underworld backdrop.

The direction - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

4. Marlon Brando:

The great actor’s role of an old Don Vito Corleone in the first film is something that has helped the trilogy to retain its high ranking in World Cinema. The fear-invoking yet morally strong and noble Don portrayed in the movie had to be played by a special talent and that is exactly what was achieved. For the part, Marlon Brando wore cotton balls in his mouth to look extra-jowly and strong and yet somehow managed to appear to be someone with a noble-heart.

Marlon Brando - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

3. The old New York:

For many a folk out there, the Godfather Trilogy represents the city of New York as they remember it. This is one source of great delight that presents a flash back for them. The film was shot in the 1970s and some of the then popular spots of New York captured on film are not around anymore but have been immortalized on screen. At any show of the films in New York, one might find someone reminiscing, “This is the way I remember the Big Apple of today. What a wonderful time it used to be!”

The old New York - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

2. Almost no special effects:

The purity of the film is in not using many special effects placing the Godfather Trilogy on a pedestal higher than most films. These movies were made at a time, where anything remotely bigger than reality was the way the characters panned out. These days, we see Dons or aspiring Dons with a bunch of gadgets and (with the help of special effects) performing acts unimaginable to the common folk. But the Godfather movies are devoid of all that.

Almost no special effects - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

1. Al Pacino:

Being one of best actors at the time, Al Pacino’s performance is what sets the heart racing in the movie. He has delivered a number of great scenes in the movies and while there may be a difference in opinion as to which one is the absolute best, but selecting the best one is a difficult choice to make. One all time favorite scenes is in a restaurant, where the protagonist is struggling with himself over a decision to cross the line from good to bad, finally and irrevocably. The expressions acted out leaves a lasting impression on anyone who gets to watch it.

Al Pacino - Pleasures We Get After Watching the Godfather Trilogy

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