Top 10 Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

7:11 am 29 May, 2013

Europe – the land of mesmerizing landscapes, castles, mountains and rivers is nothing short of a magical place; more so when it comes to destinations for a photography enthusiast. The snowcapped Alps or the gondolas of Venice, they all have a fairy-tale allure that attracts photographers from all over the world. It is the dream destination of the lovers of the lens and the quintessential muse of the wizards holding cameras in their hands! Let’s find out about the top 10 places in Europe from the point of view of the lens.

10. Ljubljana, Slovenia:

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is located in the Ljubljana Basin. Being at the cross roads of the Slavic world with the Germanic and Latin cultures for centuries, Ljubljana is a cultural treasure. Castles, bridges or simply beautiful houses nestled against the Julian Alps make this place an incredible reality in this age of chaos. To the one with an eye for beauty, Ljubljana certainly shouldn’t be off the charts.

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. A city which dates back to 1275 and a maritime power once upon a time, Amsterdam offers lots to a photographer whether a rookie or an expert photography enthusiast. The architecture, the city’s canal system, bike travelers, the cafes and more all weave a world that certainly deserves a capture by the lens. Historic houses and bridges over canals, all make this a city worth clicking.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

8. Paris, France:

Needless to say but Paris in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. You cannot plan a trip to Europe and not visit the city of fashion and romance. Notre Dame, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, grand boulevards, cafes, bistros and brasseries are like paints waiting to fill the empty canvass of your camera with colors. So a trip with the lens to Europe definitely needs to include Paris in the itinerary!

Paris, France - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

7. Rome, Italy:

A city rich in history; yes, that’s perhaps one of the simplest ways to describe Rome. With its archeological and artistic gems, Rome is a treasure for those passionate about capturing historical enigmas still thriving with modernity. It is after all the Eternal City! Museums, aqueducts, fountains, churches, palaces, historical buildings, Catacombs, grandiose basilicas and piazzas still live to tell the tale of bygone days. How can a photography enthusiast not be tempted to capture it then?

Rome, Italy - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

6. Barcelona, Spain:

It is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. It has some of the best beaches in the world. The azure blue sea meeting the sandy beaches look perfect when in Barcelona. It has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with several historical monuments which make it a hub for tourists. It has everything that you would want to transcend through your camera and each of those sights breathtakingly beautiful.

Barcelona, Spain - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

5. Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, has a vivid history that began with a Celtic settlement. The banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second oldest in the world; all make this city worthy of being captured and savored in the photographic album. Its Cafés and architecture are like the canvass of your camera waiting to be clicked.

Budapest, Hungary - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

4. Zurich, Switzerland:

Switzerland is like a painting of vivid colors. Zurich, its largest city, has something pristine about it that attracts tourists from all over the planet to its doorsteps. Magical, in all probability, is the only word which could even attempt to describe the paraphernalia of Zurich and do justice at that! If not anything else then the snowcapped Alps, which to the connoisseur of the lens is as enticing as first love, is one of the foremost reasons to visit Zurich.

Zurich, Switzerland - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

3. Vienna, Austria:

Vienna is the capital and the largest city of Austria. Known for its culture of music, theatre and opera along with breathtaking architecture, there cannot be a more apt part of the world for a photography enthusiast than the city itself. The imperial palaces of the Hofburg and Schönbrunn or the City’s magical balls or simply the streets and parks; all provide a kaleidoscope of photographic opportunities for the lensman.

Vienna, Austria - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

2. Venice, Italy:

The moment you set foot into Venice you feel as if you’ve walked into the set of a historical film with its striking buildings, architecture, secretive passageways, canals and Gondolas. It is the holy trinity of history, beauty and romance. The Piazza San Marco or simply the Gondolas ferrying star struck lovers in moonlit nights are some of the best subjects a photography enthusiast could ever ask for. Undoubtedly thus, Venice is a must in the travelling list of anybody who calls himself a photographer, more so in Europe.

Venice, Italy - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

1. Prague, Czech Republic:

Situated on the Vlatva River, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, the Lennon Wall, and Petřín hill are some of the most famous cultural attractions of this city. It is one of the cultural centers of Europe and is also noted for its architecture. You cannot be a photography enthusiast on a trip to Europe and not visit this picturesque city.

Prague, Czech Republic - Places in Europe for a Photography Enthusiast

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