Top 10 Physical Turnoffs That Guys Always Notice

10:54 am 2 Aug, 2013

So, what is that turns off a guy? Women constantly find faults in a man’s physical attributes, so it is likewise that men also find slipups in women – the only reason they may get turned off. However, physical turn offs are subjective, women will come across guys who will have their own likes and dislikes, so no matter what a woman may do to impress a guy – it may not work equally on all men. While in general sense turnoffs are personally influenced, but there a few physical turnoffs which are pretty universal. You can read on to know about 10 physical turnoffs that guys always notice, and women should avoid.

10. Withering skin:

Men are first attracted to the women’s face (you can’t deny the assets though). So, withered skin can be a big turn off. Make sure you spend time on your face and work on making it radiant and attractive.

Withering skin

9. Abusive lingo:

Guys don’t often fancy women who abuse or use foul language. Restrict your swearing self, unless your guy is ok with it and joins you in opening and closing sentences with the cuss word.

Abusive lingo

8. Too much eye treat:

Men like it slow and steady, so when you’re on a date, don’t let you enthusiasm peep thorough your clothing. Men don’t often like women who are too easy, so your wardrobe malfunction may just not be the right trick. Let the man imagine what you have got and this will attract him towards you.

Too much eye treat

7. Not being feminine enough:

We all know, men are attracted to women for their femininity and sensuality. Therefore, at no point think of losing your feminine self thinking your guy will be more comfortable. Men like the way women walk, talk, smile and occasionally shy at things. Make sure you keep these features that matter completely feminine.

Not being feminine enough

6. Untrimmed hair and nails:

Women do take notice and have their hair well primed and cared. But there can be times when those nails may just be chewed or chipped, which may send the guy screaming a no. Messy and dirty hair and ugly nails are a big turn off for men.

Untrimmed hair and nails

5. Body odor:

Most of us are often very particular about our body odor, but the mere thought of first date can make you anxious and send you in an anxiety attack leading to sweaty and smelling underarms. It is important thus to keep a deodorant or perfume handy and use it at all times before meeting the guy (especially because you don’t want to be a turn off for him).

Body odor

4. Poor dressing sense:

No matter how attractive your physical appearance is, bad clothing and poor sense of fashion will only get you a no. It mainly about dressing fashionably in a complete feminine manner wearing clothes you feel comfortable in.

Poor dressing sense

3. Bad breath:

Amid the other good things you can do to impress your man, you can have a good oral hygiene. Bad teeth and bad breath can be a big turn off for men. Ideal thing to do is pop in a mint or a gum before meeting your man, and also take good care of your teeth – a good smile can do the trick most times.

Bad breath

2. Loud makeup:

Makeup is to accentuate and enhance your face; not to cover or conceal it, so when wearing makeup, it is best to leave it at that. Most women over do their makeup, which just seems like a facial mask, something that is a big turn off for men who like women with slight makeup.

Loud makeup

1. Body hair:

This depends from person to person, but generally hair on the body is a big turn off for most guys. So, when on a date, you need to make sure that your arms and legs are clean. You don’t have hair sticking out of the armpits though your sleeveless top and that you have well trimmed eyebrows and upper lip. The women should be at her best, especially in the initial days of her relationship so that the guy is really convinced and is able to discover you well.

Body hair

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