Top 10 Passive-Aggressive Moments Of Walter White

4:04 pm 17 Oct, 2013

Vince Gilligan directed TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ commenced with showing Walter White as someone high on moral conduct and love for society. But as it is famously said, outcomes can’t be prejudged until the fat lady sings. The rationale finds itself justified when Walter takes to disturbing choices in life. The series has many shades of the man perfectly embedded in its womb, which make him the most intriguing figure of the plot. After analyzing his journey from Pilot to Felina, we present to you a list of top 10 passive-aggressive moments of this chemistry genius.

10. My Son! My Bottle! My House!

One of the quietest episodes in the whole series that ranges over 5 seasons, Over (season 2, episode 10) is a must watch for Walter’s flaccid antics. In one of the scenes where Walter keeps pouring more tequila in his son’s glass, Hank tries to stop him, to which Walter replies quite passively “My Son! My Bottle! My House!”

My Son! My Bottle! My House!

9. Confession of Sins:

In ‘Fly’ (season 3, episode 10) Jesse Pinkman and Walter spend their entire day inside superlab (meth lab) discussing about their life history. It was here that Walter came close to confessing his sins to his partner in crime for the first time. The whole sequence clearly showcased until then unknown ‘inert’ nature of the protagonist.

Confession of Sins

8. Shooting of Mike:

Mike was one of the dark horses of the underworld. Still, he had a lot in terms of code of honor. But, Walter in a fit of rage shoots him for the supposed disrespect he showed against him. His firing at Mike simply brought forth his unjustified aggressive self.

Shooting of Mike

7. Socially ham-fisted speech of Walter White:

After the incident that involved collision of two air planes in mid air, Walter White was asked to deliver a speech so as to buck up downhearted students. All he came up with was a complete trash that must have left most of the gathering confused and uneasy. He seemed unreceptive and burnt out with words as an empty whisky bottle.

Socially ham-fisted speech of Walter White

6. Destroying the Headquarter of Tuco:

The entire first season projected the scientist turned drug dealer as a feeble man high on submissive quotient. But in the episode (Crazy Handful of Nothin’) from season one, the man transformed from a zombie walking paralyzed with fear to an aggressive world beater. There is a scene where Walter enters the territory of the drug baron demanding $50,000 in a daredevil approach that changed his existing perception in the mind of an average viewer.

Destroying the Headquarter of Tuco

5.  Pressurizing For Lab Cleaning:

In ‘Cornered’ (season 4, episode 6), Walter goes against all the wishes of Gus and pressurizes laundry employees to clean his meth lab. Portraying a cruel attitude he sits behind them so as to monitor their cleaning activities.

Pressurizing For Lab Cleaning

4. His Passive Dominance over Skyler:

If ever any instance of Walter’s passive dominance over others found its roots in the TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ it was in the third episode (I.F.T) of season 3.  It was when Walter’s wife Skyler learns about his trade secret, she brings her resentment on board. But, Walter for his dictating nature suppresses her revolt with his dominating attitude without even yelling at her. The silence on his dead pan face did the trick for him.

His Passive Dominance over Skyler

3. Getting hands dirty with strangling of Krazy 8:

In the third episode of Season 1 ‘…and the bag is in the river’ Walter White was at his aggressive best strangling Krazy 8 to death. He failed in the same act in the first episode only to sign off with a victory seal in the third. It was the first major violent act of the super scientist where he completely drenched his hands in blood.

Getting hands dirty with strangling of Krazy 8

2. Threatening Jesse to Cook Meth:

The scene is part of Season 1 (episode 1 ‘Pilot’) where Walter White threatens Jesse to cook meth with him. He shouted at the top of his voice and showed his displeasure with his former student openly. The desperation was more pronounced for the reason Walter had just received fresh reports confirming his lung cancer.

Threatening Jesse to Cook Meth

1. Walter White Laughing Insane:

By far one of the best ‘Breaking Bad’ moments involving Walter White, the  man bursts out in an unusual laughter that was nothing but insane on discovering that all his money has been lost. The scene is part of Season 4 – ‘Crawl Space’. When Walter heads home in order to pay Gus, he learns that his money is missing as Skylar had already given it to Ted. The kind of laughter that emerges on his face can only be categorized into aggressive category.

Walter White Laughing Insane

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