Top 10 Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

4:43 am 6 Apr, 2013

A movie poster is a reflection of the exact narration of the film. Therefore, an enhanced level of accuracy and proper check on resourceful exhibition is required while designing their content. There is a very fine line between a movie poster being described as outrageous and creative. On many occasions, movie posters fired up controversies that topped newspaper headlines for weeks. Here is a list of top 10 outrageous movie posters ever.

10. The Last Exorcism:

The movie was released in the year 2010. As soon as the movie posters were out in the public a huge debate was raised in different sections of the society regarding the depiction of the girl on the page. The people objected to the display of the image as according to them the girl appeared to be suffering from a sexual assault. As a result the posters were banned on the rationale of carrying outrageous depiction of a girl.

The Last Exorcism - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

9. Sex and the City 2:

The Hollywood movie released in the year 2010 went unreleased and banned in Israel for the simple reason that the movie posters bore the word “sex”. Interestingly, the posters showed Jessica Parker walking down the Arabian deserts (Israeli might be) skimpily clad and this was what in real attracted criticism from the inhabitants of the country. It could be termed as outrageous, but indiscreet could be a better word for the controversy.

Sex and the City 2 - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

8. Bereavement:

The Hollywood thriller that was released in the year 2010, Bereavement’s posters amassed huge concerns from all strata of the society. The social groups in US found it greatly outrageous and insensitive towards human values as the movie poster showcased a small boy wielding a knife. Though, the plot was based on the similar theme where the child is portrayed as homicidal, their rationale went against the creative instincts of the poster maker.

Bereavement - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

7. Teenage Mother:

“The film dares to explain what most parents can’t” was the tagline used on the movie poster by the promoters of the flick. However, the people in the American society in the late 1960’s found it truly offensive and objected the content on the posters. The posters also garnered criticism from the medical fraternity for the way it picturized them on the sketch holding newborn by his feet. The poster had to be recalled soon as a response to the disruptive protests.

Teenage Mother - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

6. Gothic:

One of the most disturbing movie posters of all times worldwide, the  movie “Gothic” was based on vampire mythology and so were the posters of the film. The posters were so odious and contemptible for some that they had to be removed in a short time after being released. The poster showcased a boy with “Vampirish” ways and bloodcurdling eyes squatting on a woman sleeping on the bed.

Gothic - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

5. Singh is King:

The Akshay Kumar movie is one of the Bollywood release that attracted huge criticism from the Sikh community in India for the sole reason it depicted them insensitively on posters. The protagonists were all showcased as Sikhs in the movie. However, the way they wore turbans in the movie posters agitated the Sikh groups and justifiably so. In addition, all of them were shown devoid of beard (a mandatory requisite for a Sikh).

Singh is King - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

4. Les Infideles:

The flick released in the year 2012 was based on a comic plot. The story involved the live of infidel men who chased every girl. However, the posters of the movie where the lead actor was shown holding the girl upside down (as a mere sex object) were received in distaste and termed as too chauvinistic. This lead to huge uproar in the public and demands were raised for the removal of the offensive movie posters.

Les Infidels - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

3. Murder:

The Bollywood erotic thriller released in the year 2004 and a blatant copy of Unfaithful, created violent ripples in the society at the time of its release. The major reason behind the hullabaloo was the way the heroine in the movie was projected on the posters of the movie. It was very rare till the time to witness Hindi Film actress to be painted almost nude. Though, it drew a large number of eyeballs, people also felt the depiction on paper to be outrageous.

Murder - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

2. Wrong:

Majority of the cinema goers regard the movie poster created for the promotion campaign of the movie Wrong as most outrageous and distasteful. The reason could be credited to the fact that the brain of the male lead (who possessed killer psyche) was painted in the form of a “dog face”. This led to protest from the male section of the society who found it disgusting to equate every man to a person with “doggish” mentality.

Wrong - Outrageous Movie Posters Ever

1. Scar:

A Hollywood movie released in the year 2007 was amidst storm right after its posters went public before official release. The posters of the movie could be easily termed as one of the most outrageous ones in the recent years as they glorified what could be termed as “knife-culture” among the public. The posters were removed after complaints were lodged with the ASA regarding their outrageous nature. Scar’s poster has also rekindled the trend of obnoxious movie poster themes


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