Top 10 New Music Tracks That Breaking Bad Introduced You To

9:25 am 15 Oct, 2013

‘Breaking Bad’, the television series that mesmerized the entire world with its unique appeal and attention-grabbing plot had a lot to proffer in terms of musical scores as well. The series that is distributed over 5 seasons has some of the most memorable tracks including ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Crawl Space’ properly spaced in its timeline. Anyone who is interested in learning the musical side of ‘Breaking Bad’ must check out all the songs featured. And for their convenience, we’re here with the ten best tracks that start echoing in our mind whenever and wherever we hear the name of this epic TV show.

10. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever:

The cookin’ 1968 version of ‘On  clear day you can see forever’ from Peddlers is one of the songs featured in Breaking Bad to look out for. The song lends a pivotal moment to the story by playing in the background of the meth making montage in the early part of season 5. Maybe, it was the only song in the entire crime drama, where Walter played true gentlemen.

9. Shimmy Shimmy ya:

Episode 8 of season 3 features the famous song ‘I See You’. Prince Fatty made the cover of ‘Shimmy Shimmy ya’ along with Horseman in 2008. The song perfectly complements the guitar rhythm played along with special piano clicks.

8. Tidal Wave:

Episode 10 of season 4 ‘Salud’ is remembered for distorted take on the danceable retro surf rock blended by the unusually special vocals. The original band Thee O Sees is popularly known for their entertaining scores and hard hitting lyrics.

7. Bonfire:

Episode 4 of season 5 features ‘Bonfire’ by Knife Party. The song was one of the most popular songs from their 2012 album ‘Rage Valley’. The elctro drops in the track perfectly match its reggae tinged notes. Bonfire playing in the background makes the episode season five more restrained and worth taking into your groove.

6. Unga Bunga Bunga:

Episode 2 from season 4 ‘Thirty-Eight Snub’ has one musical jewel in store in the name of ‘Unga Bunga Bunga’ by Public Enemy. The song gives a new high to the by then dull backdrop of ‘Breaking Bad’. The song is played when Jesse Pinkman throws a big booze party for the locals in the town.

5. Hoochie Mama:

In episode 2 season 4 ‘Thirty-Eight Snub’ a vibrant song ‘Hoochie Mama’ by Live Crew plays in the background. The song features when Skinny Pete and Badger enter into a heated debate about zombie themed video games.

4. Who is Gonna Save My Soul:

In season 1 episode 7 ‘ A No Rough Stuff Style Deal’ the song from ‘The Odd Couple’ gave us ‘Who’s gonna save my soul’. The song sung by Gnarls Barkley replicates true and continuous jumbled moments involving Walter and other characters in the serial at that point in time.

4. Black:

Episode 13 of season 4 ‘Face Off’ originally comes from an album ‘Rome’ that features Norah Jones and Jack White. The song ‘Black’ was sung by Norah Jones in a perfect modern sound. Its video was originally shot with her standing amidst brightly lit dystopian atmosphere. As for Breaking Bad, the songs makes a delightful background for Walter’s ‘I won’ moment with Skylar.

3. Night in the City:

In episode 8 season 5, the heart touching song ‘Night in the city’ sung by Apple Trax features in the background when Walter White and Lydia Rodarte meet at the café. Not only the song pumps the desired intensity, but also makes the conversation look more real.

2. Take My True Love by the Hand:

Episode 14 of the final season ‘Ozymandias’ comprised of one of the most emotional sequences in the entire series. The particular scene where Walter is trying to push his last remaining barrel into the desert is when the song sung by April Wine ‘Sign of the Gypsy Queen’ plays in the background to complete its feel.

1. My Baby Blue:

‘Breaking Bad’ in its final episode came out true to its essence with Walter White back in his meth lab dying finally and Badfinger’s ‘Baby Blue’ playing in the backdrop. The lyrics matched the situation and resonated with the viewer’s mood as well.

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