Top 10 New Innovations People Don’t Know About

1:00 pm 16 Mar, 2013

The word ‘innovation’ became popular some 20 years ago when scientific discoveries and inventions of the last two centuries began to be used extensively giving a rise in new, and excellent, applications and ideas. Not just large scale MNCs but entrepreneurs operating small businesses and researchers in not-so-known universities and institutions also devised new devices, products and concept models. Today, the number of innovative ideas and concepts pouring in from different corners of the world is very high but only about a handful of them are known to us. Listed below are the top 10 new innovations people do not know about.

10. Multi-Touch Tables – Interactive Table and Bar Surfaces:

The interactive multi-touch technology is now taking the world of advertising by storm. Small as well as large scale businesses can now make use of a wide range of applications based on this technology, such as multi-touch tables and walls in restaurants, hotels, showrooms, shopping malls etc. In the next 3-4 years, you’d be noticing such systems being installed at hospitals, restaurants, bars, clubs, airports and even the public parks.

Multi-Touch Tables - New Innovations People Don't Know About

9. Ion Proton System – Reversing the Economies of Scale:

By the end of last century, the cost of a single human scale genome sequencing project was well beyond the reach of even big research institutions and companies in the world. Who could afford 1 billion dollars to do that? Now, the cost of one such project has been brought down to around one grand ($1000). All thanks to Ion Proton – a device that directly translates the chemical information into digital data.

Ion Proton System - New Innovations People Don't Know About

8. MyCell Services:

MyCell Services is an ultra-innovative technology that is set to revolutionize the science of preparing stem cell cultures for research and clinical trials. The technology has immense applications in stem-cell biology and John B. Gurdon – the scientist who made the ground breaking discovery leading to it – was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2012. In future, it’s possible that the technology will be used to create devices that can provide you with accurate analysis of your cells about various diseases or deficiencies.

MyCell Services - New Innovations People Don't Know About

7. P&P Office Waste Paper Processor – Paper to Pencil:

We’re well aware of the importance of the mantra: “Reduce, recycle and reuse”. Plastic and paper are among the materials that are used extensively all over the world. Every day, millions of tonnes of paper and plastic are consumed. In the year 2010, three Chinese innovators came up with the idea of P&P Office Waste Paper Processor. What’s magical about this device is that it converts paper meant to be recycled into pencils. Yes, pencils. The machine simply compresses and rolls the paper around a carbon lead to produce a pencil. How innovative!

P&P Office Waste Paper Processor - New Innovations People Don't Know About

6. Nano Air Vehicle System – Fire in the Hole without being Spotted:

Nano Air Vehicle or NAV is a program dedicated to design and development of remote controlled micro-drones that can easily penetrate enemy territory. These remote controlled vehicle systems will possibly be used in future military operations. Defense research has given nearly all modern inventions and discoveries to the world and this Nano air vehicle, too, may find some useful applications other than those in warfare.

Nano Air Vehicle System - New Innovations People Don't Know About

5.  AirMouse – A Mouse that you can wear:

AirMouse is a mouse (input device) that you wear like a glove. The mouse was launched nearly two years ago by a Canadian company named Deanmark Ltd. While some ergonomic mice were being sold in the market for years, they weren’t as efficient in interpreting gesture controls as AirMouse did. With AirMouse, you can easily switch between mouse-ing and typing.

AirMouse - New Innovations People Don't Know About

4. Digital Precision Protractor – a great tool for DIY enthusiasts:

With an LCD screen, digital precision protractor shows highly accurate angle measurements. The device is of great use to everyone from a skilled handyman to an architect. With this device, homeowners as well as skilled professionals can mark and measure angles with great precision for various home improvement projects.

Digital Precision Protractor - New Innovations People Don't Know About

3. PrePeat Rewritable Printer – Redo or Undo a Print Job:

Xerox came up with the idea of inkless printers almost 3 decades ago but the idea didn’t quite succeed in the market. Today, when billions of people on the planet are actually concerned about saving paper, a Japanese company came up with a rewritable printer that uses plastic paper like Xerox, but is based on a different technique. With this printer, you can insert a paper, print a diagram or two and use the plastic paper again.

PrePeat Rewritable Printer - New Innovations People Don't Know About

2. xSCELL Digital Scientific Camera:

An ultra-modern camera, xSCELL was first showcased by a US company in the year 2011. This digital camera is unique in the sense it works great in low light and noisy environments and offers ultra-high speed imaging. The camera finds its applications in research work carried out in genetic, healthcare, molecular biology and chemical laboratories around the world. Scientific imaging for thousands of scientists in the world literally entered a new age with the availability of this innovative device.

xSCELL Digital Scientific Camera - New Innovations People Don't Know About

1. Space Tops – Get Inside the Computer Screen:

An MIT grad student recently unveiled a new 3D interface technology at a TED talk in California. The new 3-dimensional interface allows you to get inside the computer screen and manipulate various elements with great ease. The technology is in its early stages right now. As researchers perfect the interpretation of hand gestures, we’ll almost certainly get to use computers that allow us to penetrate inside them.

Space Tops - New Innovations People Don't Know About

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