Top 10 Movies Of Kevin Costner

9:50 am 4 Oct, 2013

If anyone can be termed as the most underrated or unfortunate actor, Kevin Costner fits the list superbly. He is a man known to take chances through every new movie project but in comparison to his work, achieved little fame than what he deserves for the actor does enjoy a huge fan base. This Academy Award winning director-actor-producer is known for his dependable and dead pan styled acting skills. For most part of his acting career, his sports themed movies made him a name to reckon with. Kevin’s career, spread over more than three decades, has dished out many masterpieces for his fans to enjoy.

10. No Way Out:

This movie, a gripping thriller, was released when the audience grew just the right kind of appetite for such a cinema. The movie tasted success for numerous reasons including an interesting and logical story. Kevin Costner was blazingly brilliant in his naval uniform and stole the show in many of the scenes during the movie.

No Way Out

9. Tin Cup:

Perhaps very few people must have watched this romantic comedy that was otherwise a wonderfully directed film. The marvelous pairing of Costner with Rene Russo defines the movie in a whole new way. The movie that saw Costner and Ron Shelton meeting once again after ‘Bull Durham’ was based on golf.

Tin Cup

8.  A Perfect World:

What can be termed a perfect quiet drama with forceful script and witty punches, ‘A Perfect World’ was faultless in every sense. Kevin Costner played for the first time a villainous role, where he enacted an escaping criminal, who kidnaps a young boy. Lowther in the role of young boy was outstanding, just like Kevin Costner.

A Perfect World

7. The Bodyguard:

Kevin outshines everyone in the role of a former secret service agent, who takes up the job of a bodyguard to a pop singer. The movie is more special because Costner played this role with dignified restrain, quite unusual from the previous films. His dead pan looks award him an atypical calm.

The Bodyguard

6. Silverado:

Directed by Lawrence Kasdan, this 1985 American Western film was based on the chance encounter of a group of cowboys. The assemblage travels to the town of Silverado where they work in unison to thwart the evil plans of a corrupt sheriff and brutal rancher. It was one of the most impressive movies in the early part of Costner’s career.


5. Fandango:

Directed by Kevin Reynolds, the movie was one of the very first one where Costner starred as a lead actor. The classic comedy featured Costner as the leader of the ‘Groovers’, a band of five roommates, who decide to take on a quick road trip after graduating from the University, only to be trapped in the clutches of marriage after completing the bachelors.


4. Thirteen Days:

Costner produced and starred in this film in partnership with his ‘No Way Out’ director Roger Donaldson. The movie is based upon a story that is set around the Cuban Missile Crisis. Costner plays a very important role of senior aide to President John F Kennedy. The picture is centered around the two week period in the year 1962 when the whole world was on the brink of a nuclear war.

Thirteen Days

3. Bull Durham:

Considered to be one of the greatest sports films of all time, ‘Bull Durham’ was released in 1988. The romantic comedy stars Costner as ‘Crash’ Davis, a veteran catcher in the game of baseball. All movies on baseball had previously been rejected outrightly by audiences till Bull Durham came along and changed it.

Bull Durham

2. Dances with Wolves:

It was ‘Dances with Wolves’ that gave Costner his very first super hit movie at the box office. However, it was mired in controversy when it scandalously beat ‘Godfellas’ to the best picture in the Oscars. This three hour long drama although a bit extended in the time length was high on matter. The buffalo hunt sequence in particular was one of the attractions in the movie.

Dances with Wolves

1. The Untouchables:

The Untouchables was a classic in every sense. It would be no exaggeration to state here that it was ‘The Untouchables’, packed with quotable lines and memorable sequences that gave solid recognition to Kevin Costner as an actor. It was a sort of breakthrough for Kevin and the movie surely deserved all the accolades that audiences bestowed upon it.

The Untouchables

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