Top 10 Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

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9:00 am 18 Mar, 2013

Friends, in general, help us tackle bad situations that we come across, but all of us have this deep desire of having a friend who would take all our problems away and make our life easy and special. Well, if Superman was my best buddy, envisioning in how many ways it would have changed my life would be extremely difficult. Being Batman’s best chum would be a great deal because then he would have surely got me hooked up with a big post in his Wayne enterprises. There is no denying we all have always wanted to have a superhero or a movie character as our best friend. The benefit of having such a friend is so overwhelming that we lose all our rationality and actually start to wish that it could somehow come true. So, here are the top 10 movie characters you might want as your best friends.

10. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean):

One of the pirate lords and the Captain of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow is one clever being who has a penchant for using the ‘Captain’ word before his name. He is amusing, drinks a lot, and has a compass which points at a place or thing its holder desires the most. What could be better than that? If he was your best buddy, he would surely let you use that compass (provided you stand his eccentricities) and that would perhaps help you fulfil all your desires. Besides, there is no better adventure than sailing with him on his ship and exploring the secrets of the world.

Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

9. Neo (Matrix):

Besides his superhuman proficiencies and the ability to acquire any skill, Neo certainly makes room for himself in the best friend list. His sacrificial conduct in order to defend the loved ones around him is not inimitable. Such a quality can be found in most other morally upright supermen as well, but the way in which Neo puts it up – assertively and non-fearfully –is surely a quality which anyone would want in a friend.

Neo (Matrix) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

8. Superman (Movie Series):

It would be great if we could fly. Well, it would be equally exhilarating if you have a friend who can help you do that. Not only can he fly, he is invulnerable, reckless, handsome and, most importantly, kind. With a friend like Superman the world would be a different place. No bullying seniors, no travelling problems and a super-hot circle of chicks to hang out with.

Superman (Movie Series) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

7. Gandalf (Lord of the Rings):

Gandalf the Grey, a powerful sorcerer in the epic Lord of the Rings, who fought with a deadly ravenous dragon in order to grant safe passage to his friends and sacrificed his life (though he was reincarnated) doing so. His sacrificial abilities that come with nuggets of wisdom and humour, makes him one of my favourites. You might wish to have a friend like him who would amuse you with his fancy magic tricks and give you a ride on his giant pet dragonfly.

Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

6. Jamie Rellis (Friends with Benefits):

Only a few people would make a better friend than her. Jamie is a friend with several paybacks. Passionately compassionate, voluble and gorgeous is how the character can be described. But that’s not why she made it to the list; the focal point owing her an upright place in this list is her skill to apprehend the requisite the moment demands, and taking whatever indispensible strides to decipher it. She is indeed a “friend with benefits”.

Jamie Rellis (Friends with Benefits) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

5. Lucius Fox (Batman Trilogy):

Lucius Fox proved to be the best friend for Batman in the Christopher Nolan. There is some sort of magic in his alliance that has constantly facilitated the people around him efficaciously in whatever he does. A gifted scientist, a very good collaborator and a capitalist who is very good with keeping secrets, he is the one who designed Batman’s inconceivable gadgets and his unmatchable Bat-mobile. His friendship brings a charm with itself.

Lucius Fox (Batman Trilogy) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

4. Bumble Bee (Transformers):

The most likeable of the Transformers, Bumble Bee has an exceptional style of talking. Regrettably he cannot speak like others of his kind but has an innovative method of discourse through radio recordings. His precisely responsive nature and his considerate attitude is a worthy attribute that is much desired in a friend, but the most significant reason would be that he can transform himself into a cool yellow sports Chevrolet car.

Bumble Bee (Transformers) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

3. Batman (Movie Series):

There are inestimable reasons why the billionaire orphan from the city of Gotham would make a very good friend. Not merely is Batman always fortified with his imperturbable thingamajigs; besides, he is handsome, trendy and has a Bat-mobile. His theatricality and perception of instances in his own ways is very quintessential of him. The penetrating training that he underwent in martial arts makes him perfect as a man who would not mind giving or taking a beating for his friends.

Batman (Movie Series) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

2. Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings):

It was all for the sake of companionship that Bilbo left his home with Frodo for the dreadful pursuit to the gates of Mordor. Without the motivation that he chocked Frodo with, and the small bits of help that he provided all along, there would be no optimism for the world to still be free. He carried him in his hands while walking barefoot and even saved him from the snares of the treacherous Gollum. He also saved him from the perilous spider, Arachinda. He undeniably served as the best friend ever.

Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings) - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

1. The Godfather (The Godfather):

With his super-cool style and the do-anything-for-the-family attitude, Don Vito Corleone is certainly the solitary spirit of a being that you would absolutely dearth as a friend. The aids of having him as a friend are many. Being his friend brings with itself the authority and the reverence, it makes you a Made Man, who is stout, rich and respected by everyone. Being his associate is like being a portion of an officialdom that everyone is petrified with. There would be no worries in life because, a fragment of his temperament grosses peoples strains away and makes them his own.

The Godfather - Movie Characters You Want as Best Friends

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