Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels

9:20 am 13 May, 2013

Anyone who pretends not to spend a large chunk of his time on the internet (particularly You Tube) is either lying or living in some sort of Stone Age. Almost all of us love to watch videos on YouTube and share them on different social sites for others to see. Various channels on the YouTube offer entertainment to each one of us, and this is the reason why every internet bug, has a YouTube video playing in the background no matter what work he’s doing on the side. The craze for these channels although can’t be quantified in numbers, but here we have tried to create a list of top 10 most popular channels on YouTube that most people can’t live without.

10. TV Shows:

TV Shows, especially series are highly followed on YouTube across the world. It brings the world of televisions from across the globe right at your fingertips. People living away from their home countries can now watch their favorite serials and TV shows from anywhere with an internet connection, and stay connected. This is the power YouTube yields for keeping people in touch with their home, their culture, and their TV.

Subscribers: More than 10,00,000

TV Shows -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

9. FPS Russia:

With guns and ammunitions forming the center stage, FPS Russia is one of the most popular YouTube channels that people subscribe to. It is all about action and those like me who love to watch objects getting blown up in air as an impact of advanced weaponry, will find it hard to leave their computer screen free from the magic of FRS Russia.

Subscribers: More than 41,00,000

FPS Russia -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

8.Toby Games:

A channel that is all about blogging, comic acts and gaming, Toby Games is one of the most followed channels on YouTube the world over. It is the sheer content of the channel that tricks the viewer to remain glued to their YouTube screens. It’s the perfect entertainment package, with unlimited fun corroborated with innovation.

Subscribers: 41,00,000

Toby Games -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

7. College Humor:

Nothing better than spending your time on the channel that would offer you best humor in the business. Comic encounters between celebrities could not have been as exciting as presented through College Humor. The channel is full of sketchy comedies that are rib tickling to the core and yet mature in every possible way.

Subscribers: More than 43,00,000

College Humor -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

6. Epic Meal Time:

For all the foodies on the planet here is a channel that would make your realize how humor could be cooked up well with a delightful delicacy. The theme behind the channel is to offer humor along with all the wonderful food items that you had always craved for in your life.

Subscribers: More than 46,00,000

Epic Meal Time -  Most Popular YouTube Channels


5. Freddie Wong:

“Oh my God” is the phrase that pops out of your mouth once you start spending time on this adventurous channel. All adults with the heart of a mischievous kid can now re-live their fantasies and go back to the world where you along with your friends dreamed of something bizarre and out of the world.

Subscribers: More than 54,00,000

Freddie Wong -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

4. Mchinima:

The world of computer gaming was redefined when this channel hit the world of YouTube. Everything and anything that is related to gaming including spoofs, videos, trailers and much more are well incorporated into it. It is a real treat for gaming lovers around the world and surely deserves subscription.

Subscribers: More than 74,00,000

Mchinima -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

3. Ray William Johnson:

Subscribe to know why the channel has been a hit on YouTube since the time it entered the digital world. The channel has been wisely designed using all the popular comic internet clips. It brings on table satire humor, and lots of laughter. There is not a clip that won’t make you roll of the floor.

Subscribers: More than 86,00,000

 Ray William Johnson -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

2. Jenna Marbles:

Jenna is really a seductive trick that could easily swindle you into following her channel. It was one video that changed the destiny of this channel, and it was on “How to trick people into thinking you’re attractive.” Ever since, Jenna has acquired the status of a YouTube celebrity who is loved and adored by viewers across the globe.

Subscribers: More than 86,00,000

Jenna Marbles -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

1. Smosh:

In case you have not subscribed to the channel till now make it a point to do so once you are done reading the article. The channel is really funny and widely followed for this very reason. The duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla enact bone tickling comedy that reminds you of watching high school clowns in action once again.

Subscribers: More than 96,00,000

Smosh -  Most Popular YouTube Channels

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