Top 10 Most Popular Songs of Coldplay

10:00 am 16 Apr, 2013

One of the most loved alternative rock bands all over the world today, Coldplay began to dominate the charts in early 2000 with their first hit single, ‘Yellow’. The song is still considered as one of the best songs by any English band. The success was followed by their debut album ‘Parachutes’, silencing critics and pessimists in the entertainment industry. There has been no looking back for Coldplay since then. Unique vocal style of the lead singer Chris Martin and the magical sound produced by the entire band made Coldplay a household name over the next few years. Listed below are the top 10 most popular songs of Coldplay.

10. Paradise – 2011:

A song from the alternative band’s latest album ‘Mylo Xyloto’, ‘Paradise’ comes with a magically orchestrated sound. It is a song about a woman, who in childhood dreamt of doing something big and meaningful in her life. The lyrics and music easily caught the imagination of listeners all over, making it a hit.

9. Violet Hill – 2008:

Compared to many other hit songs, this one from the album ‘Viva la Vida’ was different. An anti-war song, ‘Violet Hill’ was deep, meaningful like many others, but at the same time had repeating guitar music and atmospheric synthesizer intro followed by piano music. Lyrics were written by all band members.

8. Lovers in Japan – 2008:

Not many music lovers know that Coldplay has a little Japanese influence. Well, this song has got some and it’s obvious from the title of the song itself. The 4th single from the album ‘Viva la Vida,’ ‘Lovers in Japan’ was an instant hit. Everyone, including the lead singer Chris Martin believes that the live version of the song is way better than the studio version. Why? Well, check out both the versions and you’ll know!

7. Christmas Lights – 2010:

Released few weeks before Christmas in 2010, ‘Christmas Lights’ became an overnight sensation all over the world. It made to the top 40 pop hits in both the United States and the United Kingdom within no time. The holiday season at the time of release helped a great deal in making ‘Christmas Lights’ a Christmas classic that would forever be loved by Coldplay fans.

6. In My Place – 2002:

People who’ve just begun to love Coldplay are perhaps yet to discover ‘In My Place.’ It’s one of those songs that were received really well by Coldplay fans all over the world. The song’s profound lyrics and out-of-the-world music were so good that even critics were spotted showering kindness on Coldplay! ‘In My Place’ got the Grammy Award for best rock performance by a duo or group with vocal.

5. Clocks – 2003:

‘Clocks’ is indeed a hypnotizing track and the piano opening made all the more special. The song won the Grammy Award for song of the year. The lyrics, depicting the pain of lost love and unfading regrets, have been blended very well with the music. The song, perhaps, has the perfect pop piano riff and it’ll go down in the history of pop-rock as a classic.

4. Viva La Vida – 2008:

The song and the album (by the same name), were the outcome of Coldplay’s collaboration with Brian Eno. The deep and heart-touching melody was blended almost in a perfect manner with the supporting string arrangement. Many music album reviewers termed ‘Viva La Vida’ as a stupendous recording and songwriting achievement. Listen to it once and you’ll find out.

3. The Scientist – 2002:

It’s one of those songs in which Coldplay has masterfully presented the orchestrated sound to emphasize just one point – “go back to the start; go back because there’re too many regrets”. It was the central message of ‘The Scientist’ and it struck a chord with millions of music lovers. In the UK and Canada, ‘The Scientist’ made it to the top 10 list of modern rock songs.

2. Yellow – 2000:

An emotional, heart-felt and melodic song, ‘Yellow’ gave a perfect push to the alternative band formed in the year 1997. It’s one of those songs that you’d want to listen to at least 10 times a day until you hear it ringing endlessly in your ears. It’s believed that the title of the song ‘Yellow’ was chosen randomly when Chris was scanning through yellow pages.

1. Fix You – 2005:

A slow song from the album ‘X & Y’, ‘Fix You’ is both meaningful and catchy. The music video complemented the melody too well and the song dominated the airwaves for a long time. One possible reason why ‘Fix You’ became so popular with alternative rock lovers from across the planet was that everyone could relate to it, very easily.

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