Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

7:35 pm 16 May, 2011

Imagine what it would be like to live in a city full of danger. The many risks that plague some of the cities of the world are terrifying indeed as the dangers vary. It is also saddening to see that there are places in the world where people go to bed really not knowing if they will wake again the next day. Some of these notorious cities were not always like this but sadly people today live in these once peaceful cities in terror. Would you consider making it a travel destination that you would go to? Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities of the world.

10. Rio de Janerio (Brazil):

Violent crimes are very much a part of what the city which is also home to the world’s largest carnival offers. There are strict instructions on carrying as little money as one can and also wearing no jewelry once on the streets of the city. Drugs are also available freely throughout the city and gang violence is also well known.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

9. Cape Town (South Africa):

This South African city has seen a sudden spike in the crime rates in the last few years. A hot travel destination otherwise for people from all over the world, the last few years has promised to change that. The rates of robberies, kidnapping, burglary and rape among other offences have skyrocketed and this can’t be good for a city that once prided itself on being one of the upcoming cities of the nation.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

8. New Orleans (United States of America):

This city has the highest crime rates in the United States. The majority of the crimes are murders which make things scarier. The city has also been affected by poverty which has led to a rampant rise in violence in the ranks of the city. Once a prospering city, New Orleans has now turned into one of the most dangerous cities of the world which is no longer the city it used to be with a very calming environment.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

7. Caracas (Venezuela):

This Venezuelan city is often known as the murder capital of the world for creating many records for the number of people being murdered. The city is also pronged by significant amounts of drug and gang violence which has remained a major worry. Poverty is also a cause for the city folk turning to crime. Things have gotten especially worse as today there are sections of the city that are completely cut off.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

6. Ciudad Juarez (Mexico):

This Mexican city on the US Mexico border is a major center for drug activity. There are frequent clashes between different drug related cartels and the authorities. The non local violence that has managed to localize itself over the city has affected the residents of the city in a big way and life is never the same for the people of this dangerous city.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

5. Port Au-Prince (Haiti):

Port Au-Prince is the capital city of Haiti which lacks a real police force as the entire sections of the city are taken over by criminal groups. There are a large number of drug, gang and other violence related issues throughout the city and even UN forces seem to be clueless as to how they can stop the violence. Traveling in the city is extremely treacherous as the criminals will take anything you got.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

4. Bogota (Columbia):

Columbia has always been plagued by violence of different kinds, especially violence related to drug gangs. The worries don’t just stop at violence as there are a large number of extortion groups in the city too. The city has one of the highest violence rates in the world and living here is like living next to danger and death.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

3. Karachi (Pakistan):

The city of Karachi is frequently subjected to bombings, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Asia. Suicide bombers, car bombs and even fully fledged terrorist attacks have been happening in the city on and off which have managed to give the city a very dangerous reputation to international tourists.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

2. Grozny (Russia):

This city was once known as the most destroyed in the world. The city has always been plagued by rebels and their frequent destructive outbursts. There is hardly any authority left in the city but a lot of people still continue to fight for their home and keep rebuilding the city while some have fled away to nearby countries.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

1. Baghdad (Iraq):

Easily one of the most violent centers on this planet, the city of Baghdad has been plagued by the cycle of violence since a long time. The city faces several threats — domestic and foreign. The US occupation which was allegedly a bid to make things better has not only made things a lot worse, but also has rendered the term “hell for travelers”. Again the resilience of the people comes too be seen as they continue to live in their homeland with the greatest passion.

Top 10 most dangerous cities of the world

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