Top 10 Moments in the History of Olympic

10:00 am 11 Mar, 2013

Every four years, the best sportsmen from different corners of the world get a chance to showcase their exemplary talents. This platform is known as Olympics. There is no sports event on the Planet Earth as Olympics that can hold millions of people in a tight grip and control their nerves. Compelling games and fiery athletes make up one of the largest watched events in the world a reality every four years. Games that can pump adrenaline to high levels also have some glorious and unforgettable moments. Here is a list of top 10 moments in the history of Olympic –

10. Marathon runner from confectionery shop:

Dorando Pietri, a confectionery shop owner is remembered for the Olympics of 1908 in London. The runner who participated for the first time got dehydrated and lost his consciousness five times during the race during the final 385 yards. Though, he was disqualified for using external help but due to sympathy from the crowd, he received a Golden Cup from Queen Alexandra as a mark of respect for his valiant effort.

Marathon runner from confectionery shop - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

9. The untrained:

Bob Beamon participated in the Olympics of 1968 held in Mexico and took the whole world by surprise. As famous about this Olympian, Bob literally went untrained for the six months before the event and was all naive even in following the rules of the game. He barely qualified for the final round. However, he created a world record in the long jump in the games by taking a jump of 8.90 meters from the board.

The untrained - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

8. Owen Hitler Tussle:

The Olympics of 1936 in Berlin were organized by the Nazi junta to showcase their Aryan racial supremacy over the others as projected by the international media of the time. Jesse Owens, a black candidate from the US ruined the dream run for Hitler and his accomplices when he bagged four Gold medals in the event.  Some excerpts from history also say that Owens became a favorite of the German dictator, thereafter.

Owen Hitler Tussle - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

7. Ben –Carl 100 m Sprint:

It was a struggle for supremacy between two legendary sprinters. Ben’s performance was simply unbelievable in the race. He trampled Carl Lewis in a close encounter, clocking 9.79 seconds in the 100 meter race. Those who got to see the sprint live had no words to describe the gleaming encounter. The glory was short-lived as Ben was tested positive for banned drugs later.

Ben –Carl 100 m Sprint - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

6. Michael Johnson’s 200 Meter Dash:

Getting an opportunity to watch the racing track burning on fire is very rare. In the 1996 Olympics, the legendary sprinter Michael Johnson gave this opportunity to millions of viewers from around the globe. Olympics in Atlanta provided one of the fastest tracks to the sprinters ever experienced by the athletes, worldwide. Sporting golden spikes, one of the best sprinters of all time, Michael Johnson surpassed the previous world record set up by him. He clocked 19.32 seconds for the 200 meter dash.

Michael Johnson’s 200 Meter Dash - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

5. Perfect 10:

In the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, a teenage girl named Nadia Comaneci from Romania astounded the whole world with her magical display of gymnastic tricks. Her routine on uneven bars bagged her perfect ten and placed her in the record books for the coming generations to follow. Such a feat had not been recorded in the Modern Olympics ever before her gleaming act. She won a total of three Olympic Gold medals in the event.

Perfect 10

4. A fish in form of a human:

Phelps is regarded as the greatest swimmer in the world history to have blessed the sport of swimming ever. In the Beijing Olympics of 2008, Micheal Phelps bagged 8 gold medals and the first six were all world records! Very rarely does such a performance of supreme degree come alive! He literally set the waters on fire in the 2008 Olympic Games.

A fish in form of a human - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

3. Bolt from the Blue:

In the 2008 Olympics held at Beijing, a sprinter emerged on the scene with a record of 9.72 seconds in 100 meters. His name was Usain Bolt and he captured the eyes of the whole world, a lot like Michael Johnson. The radiant performer from Jamaica received huge applause from the people.  He later got dragged into many controversies regarding performance enhancing drugs.

Bolt from the Blue - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic


2. Korean re-unison:

There was nothing better than witnessing sports-persons of both the countries (North and South Korea) march under the same flag in the official ceremony of the Olympics. It brought many smiles and surely tears too in the eyes of people in both the nations that are arch enemies since their partition. These Games reinstated their magnitude in the form of peace establisher in Sydney Olympics and re-defined its meaning to one and all.

Korean re-unison - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

1. Limping Sprint:

A unique moment that might not be repeated again in the near future – John Stephen Akhwari, little known Tanzanian sprinter completed the sprint with broken leg and dislocated knee. He reached the finishing line after an hour had passed since the winner had been declared. It was his great sportsmanship that was acknowledged with a thunderous applause from the spectators. The crowd was small but surely a very lucky one.

Limping Sprint - Top 10 Moments in The History of Olympic

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