Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

3:00 pm 9 Mar, 2013

Midfielder is one of the most important players in the game of soccer. This is the only position where a player is required to defend and create opportunities for strikers by spraying passes all over the field. Surely, the job is very demanding and requires fitness of the supreme level. There are some examples in the field of soccer from across the world that have dominated the midfielder’s position unlike anyone. Here is a list of top 10 midfielders of all time –

10. Riccardo Montolivo:

The gifted midfielder known worldwide for his technical skills, Riccardo Montolivo is one of the best players the world of soccer has ever seen. Due to his creative skills, he didn’t find any hitch in transforming his game form sheer defense to highly attacking. The strongest part of his game was the immaculate ability of passing ball to the right player at the right time.

 Riccardo Montolivo - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

9. Wesley Sneijder:

A wonderful example of class with unmatched skills, Wesley Sneijder is a player with short stature and hails from Holland. He is famous worldwide for his array of free kicks and redefined the game of soccer like never before. Standing at number ninth position, Sneijder is very good in linking passes with teammates. Several find him the only reason for Holland reaching finals of the World Cup 2010.

Wesley Sneijder - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

8. Johan Cruyff:

He was one of those players who could bless any position on the ground where asked to play by the captain. A complete package in himself and every captain’s darling, Johan is placed at number eight position. Renowned for his amazing dribble, clear passes, free kicks and unparalleled vision, the attacking midfielder always believed in an organized attack and strategized accordingly in advance.

Johan Cruyff - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time


7. Garrincha:

One of the most talented players to play the game of soccer, Garrincha stands at number seventh position in the list. The great Brazilian is regarded as one of the best dribblers of all time. He helped Brazil in winning the World Cup in the year 1958 to 1962. The best quality in his game was his speed that didn’t allow any defender to chase him well. Despite having left leg shorter by 6 cm to the right he dominated the game like no one else did.

Garrincha - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

6. Bobby Charlton:

Termed as one of the best players England has ever produced, Bobby Charlton stands at the sixth position. He is remembered as one of the strategists in the English team of 1966 that won the World Cup for the English team. He also bagged the award of Golden ball for being the best player in the tournament. He also helped the Manchester United to win the European Championship in the year 1968.

Bobby Charlton - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

5. Cesc Fabregas:

Termed as the next wonder in making, Cesc is one of the brightest hopes for the soccer world in the midfield position. The Spaniard is known for his improvising ways and creative ability with the ball. At 25 he is one of the greatest central midfielders in the game today and suitably bags the fifth position. The fact is that he is too young still and the best is yet to be delivered from his side.

Cesc Fabregas - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

4. Michel Paltini:

There are few examples in the history of football around the world those can match the kicks of this great midfielder. Known for his astute free kick that ensured goals most of the times, Michel Platini stands at the fourth position. He is credited with helping the French soccer team in winning many matches worldwide and helped them in lifting the 1984 European Championship Cup.

Michel Paltini - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

3. Steven Gerrard:

Another gem of a midfielder that played the game, Steven Gerrard is another of those English greats that played the game as per their own set of rules. He has also been a part of Liverpool for a long time and delivered many great performances in the past for soccer fans to cherish. He rightly bags the number third spot for his uncanny ability to steal goals from the opposition in impossible circumstances.

Steven Gerrard - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

2. Paul Scholes:

Standing at number second spot, Paul Scholes is one of the best players in the past two decades that have glorified the game with their excellent moves. Even the legendary Zidane has all admiration for him. He praises him for dribbling, passing and shooting skills with the soccer ball. He is termed as one of the 3 best midfielders who ever played the game.

Paul Scholes - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

1. Zinedine Zidane:

A dream midfielder every team would crave for, Zinedine Zidane stands proud at the first position. No one can forget the double strike from this classic midfielder in the World Cup final of 1998 that led France to the historic win. He is also credited with the win of France in the European league in 2000. Renowned for a great free kick, very few players can match the strategic skills of this all time great.

Zinedine Zidane - Top 10 Midfielders of All Time

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