Top 10 Memorable Victories of Roger Federer

12:00 pm 26 Apr, 2013

Arguably, one of greatest players of tennis on an international level, Roger Federer has bagful of victories under his belt. The king of grass, as he is fondly referred to, Roger is known for his unparallel tennis playing skills and shrewd tactics. There is hardly anyone in the field of tennis to have achieved what this Swiss Chap has done in a small span of time. Here is a list of top 10 memorable victories of Roger Federer.

10. US Open 2007:

The match that was extended till the tie breaker Roger Federer claimed victory in a tight finish from his opponent Novac Djokovic. The young Novac was at his fluent best too and matched Federer equally for his ground shots only to fail in the penultimate stages of the match that could be remembered for the nerves of Roger.

US Open 2007

9. Australian Open 2010:

Murray lost the game and was literally in tears when he lost out to Federer in a tie breaker by 13-11. The game was surely one of the very best the world had ever seen for the tennis skills exhibited by the two classy players. The mix of drop shots, back hands and volleys delivered by Roger has remained in the memories of people even today.

Australian Open 2010

8. US Open 2008:

Fed-Express was at his belligerent best when he dished out a thrashing to Andy Murray in straight sets at the finals of US Open 2008. He easily over-powered out of touch looking Andy Murray who was left surprised as Roger crumpled him down in the straight sets of 6-2,7-5,6-2. It was one of the best performances of Federer ever.

US Open 2008

7. US Open 2004:

It was the first time in the history of world tennis that any player won his first four Grand Slam Titles with the victory in US Open 2004. The feat speaks tremendous volumes about the player who loves to win and win comfortably against any sort of competitor. The victory here was a game changer for the tennis star.

US Open 2004

6. Australian Open 2007:

Roger Federer became the second man in the history of world tennis after Ken Rosewell in the year 1971 to win the Australian Open without dropping a set when he won the much talked about Australian Open 2007. The feat was something special to this great tennis player who is also regarded as one of the most humble players in the history of game ever.

Australian Open 2007

5. Wimbledon 2003:

It is regarded as one of the matches that tested real time tennis playing skills of both the opponents in the court. The Swiss Maestro was at his very best in the encounter and defeated Australia’s Mark Philippoussis in straight sets by 7-2,6-2,7-6. The recordings of the match still raise interest among the viewers whenever watching through them.

Wimbledon 2003

4. Wimbledon 2007:

It was one of the most talked about matches of his time that involved two greats of modern time — Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The match was very special for the Swiss maestro who had to sweat out a lot in order to earn every point in the match against athletic Rafael and to equal the record of Bjorn Borg’s five straight Wimbledon titles.

Wimbledon 2007

3. Wimbledon 2009:

It was a tightly contested match where no side was ready to concede even an inch to other. However, the man with Midas touch finally did go ahead and pocketed the match after grueling 4 hours and 17 minutes (one of the longest matches in the tennis history) and defeated Andy Roddick to claim the 16th Grand Slam title in his successful career.

Wimbledon 2009

2. French Open 2009:

The God of Grass was at his very best when he silenced his long time critics by winning French Open for the first time ever in his life in the year 2009. He was till then damned as unfit to play French Open tournaments after failing to hit the nail for previous three years in row. It was Robin Soderling to face defeat at his hands at that time.

French Open 2009

1. Wimbledon 2012:

The latest Grand Slam win over Andy Murray is referred to as the most satisfying victory for Roger Federer. Not only he equaled the world record of legendary Pete Samprass with this win, but also regained the top spot in the ATP rankings. The win ensured Roger entered the league of all time greats in tennis.

Wimbledon 2012

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