Top 10 Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

11:43 am 4 Jun, 2013

From bridges to buildings, mobiles to medicine, we have excelled tremendously in every aspect of our lives. Technology has come far off in making the world a better place to live in; be it devices or designs, we are adept in everything. But more or less, knowingly or unknowingly, the inspiration and ideas for anything new always lay in nature. Heading back to 15th century, when Leonardo Da Vinci studied birds to create flying machines, new ideas were always inspired by nature’s designs. And they still are! Without any qualms, Mother Nature takes gold for efficiency and elegance in designs. Amid our busy lifestyles it has become way too difficult to witness some amazing works of nature. Here we have managed to put together some most amazing designs of nature for you to witness, without heading to the countryside. Take a look at these top 10 marvels known for their natural design.

10.  Lady Musgrave Island-Great Barrier Reef, Australia:

This is a beautiful coral ray on Great Barrier Reef. This island is known to be the second of the Great Barrier Reef chain of islands. The island is set on the living reef with a deep water coral lagoon (being unique the entire reef region). It is also the colors that make the oceans beneath loom like some fairytale land. So, if you are on a trip to Queensland don’t ever miss out on Lady Musgrave Island-Great Barrier Reef.

Lady Musgrave Island-Great Barrier Reef, Australia -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

9. Spiderman lizard:

Yes, you are reading it right! The Spiderman lizard is now amongst the latest exotic pet craze. With its flat red colored body and dark blue legs, it undoubtedly resembles our favorite superhero. They are (for obvious reasons) unable to throw webs but are able to change color during nights. This amazing reptile is a native to Kenya and is known to be a good pet if handled vigilantly.

Spiderman lizard-  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

8. Dead Man-Sleeping Giant:

“Do not wake a sleeping giant”: the proverb is not at all related to this beautiful natural design. Sleeping giant is the formation of sills and mellas on Sibley Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. The formation resembles a sleeping giant when viewed from west to north of Thunder Bay. It was voted number one in a list of seven wonders of Canada with 177,7305 votes.

Dead Man-Sleeping Giant -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

7.  Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves:

Europe is one continent that never stops surprising us with its amazing wonders. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves are one of those wonders. This is a natural limestone ice cave located in Austria. The cave is 42 Km in length but the visitors are only allowed to enter the first kilometer for security reasons. Its length makes it the largest ice cave in the world.

Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

6. Kaieteur Falls:

Located in Kaieteur National park, these falls are the most powerful waterfalls of the planet. It is three times higher than the well known Niagara Falls. It follows the watercourse of Potaro River and is known as the Guyana’s (South America) second scenic wonder.

Kaieteur Falls -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

5. Coral Reefs:

Coral reefs are underwater structures made up of calcium carbonate secreted by corals. Coral remains of the ancient animals that evolved into reef building forms. These reefs have been around for almost billions of years ago but the ones we see today are only 10,000 years old.

 Coral Reefs - Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

4. Skocjan Caves:

This is in the list of UNESCO’s list of natural world heritage sites. The caves are situated in Slovenia and have a very significant origin. Beside the marvelous natural design of the cave, it is known for its high aesthetic value. The caves have a significant history because it is the point where Reka River disappears and then flows underground for 34 Kms under it. It is also on the list of one of the largest underground canyons in the world.

Skocjan Caves -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

3. Pongua Falls, Vietnam:

Located in a mountain range more than 50 kilometers from Dalat, Pongua Falls is only 40 meters in height. It is the only waterfall where a festival takes place annually. If you are searching a place to go with your loved one, book a visit now. If not to wonder in amazement at the natural design of the falls then for Dalat, the exotic location near which is considered a city of love and poetic landscapes.

Pongua Falls, Vietnam -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

2. Stripped Iceberg:

Icebergs have been threatening shipmates and boatmen long before Titanic was struck by it. But this is indeed the most beautiful iceberg ever seen. Antarctica, being one of the coldest places on the planet, usually witnesses such beautiful icebergs very often.

Stripped Iceberg -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design

1. Salar De Uyuni:

This marks the location of the world’s largest salt flats, which is found in Bolivia. It was the result of transformation of several prehistoric lakes, located over a spread of over 4,000 square kilometers and is considered a landmark of Bolivia. The country may not be an economically advanced nation but it surely has some of the best gems of natural design.

 Salar De Uyuni -  Marvels of Earth Known for Their Natural Design


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