Top 10 lies told by girls

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4:33 pm 26 Aug, 2010

This is all about hiding something in the closet that we are afraid to see. Here are some cool lies women have most likely told you at some point in your life. Go through this page of Topyaps.

10. You are a wonderful guy:

A woman’s language speaks for itself. Bingo! It’s so obvious, right guys? Women are cunning and manipulative in nature and they love to make you realize that your perceptions are amazing. Doesn’t matter how logical she is or what she says, the moment she gets into a situation with a boy where it’s on, her emotions will take over, and she will try to justify it with logic later on.

9. It was great:

Aww, yeah! When girls are committed to guys, they focus on him, often believing, time and time again, that he is “the one.” Because girls have this inclination, they also tell guys whatever they think they want to hear (like they just had an orgasm), just to make them feel good about themselves.

8. I will never hurt you:

This lie is a classic example of a girl trying to cover her a*s. A girl’s boyfriend may be so completely charmed that he turns blind to a clearly bullshit-lie like this one. When a girl tells her boyfriend this, it usually means that she’s trying pretty hard to make him fall in love with her — and will say anything to make it happen. She might hurt you but she will try her best not to.

7. Nothing is wrong, I’m okay:

One of the most common lie used by women. They don’t want to disclose the real truth but they expect men to figure out the problem as well as solution especially. We all know that girls can’t fix everything (but they like to deal with things – themselves). They does not want to show us how upset they are, but your mind thinks otherwise.

6. I love your family:

If you’re lucky, your girlfriend may not be lying when she tells you that she loves spending time with your family. However, if she secretly despises them, she probably won’t tell you in order to spare your feelings. She agrees to spend time with your family when is necessary but she doesn’t do it with much pleasure even if she is pretending in front of you that she likes them.

5. Yes! I had an orgasm:

You look at her, she looks at you and the clothes go flying. Oh yeah, my friend, you’re getting some tonight. A little smooching here, a little feel up there and then the fun really begins. You’re gonna make her see stars. So you work your magic but WTF, she says that the game is over. An erotic lie of hyper s**ual girlfriend.

4. You deserve someone much better:

Dude.. she has someone else. Pack it up and head on…she’s ready to dump you now by perfect combination of tricks and emotions. She obviously has some issues and is testing you by walking away, she’s testing you to see if you will chase her and catch her and make her feel like she’s worth something.

3. I’m not like other girls:

Definitely, gals are arithmetic system. They add trouble, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance. Now give me a break….they will respect you less and continue to make you compromise who you are. The race is identical but species have an irritating character to show themselves superior from each other.

2. It’s not you, it’s me:

Nevertheless, it is a relevant line, which addresses a common grey area in a lot of relationships. It is hard to be honest in this situation. Best advice, act like you are not worried about, try to go out and mingle with other people. You don’t need her, there are lot of other fishes in the sea.

1. I like you but its just that I am not “in” love with you:

It’s pretty terrible generalization to make, both logically and out of common sense. It sucks, it sucks big time, it sucks the big one, but she’s only giving you what she’s experiencing inside, around you at that given moment.. it’s not a thing like a brick wall in a hallway that can only fit your body.


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