Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

12:27 pm 29 Oct, 2013

If you have no time to hit the gym and still want to burn calories to get leaner, stay relaxed for there are better ways! All you need to do is look for simpler outdoor activities you can perform to boost up your calorie burn, so you can thaw out body fat faster. But, don’t you frown if someone tells you the longstanding ‘move more’ scheme still rules when it comes to burning more calories! Well, the list below will walk you through 10 awesome ways to speed up your metabolism and thus, help increase calorie burn rate:

10. Beach Volleyball:

You might have seen people often willing to live near a beach; though the reasons will vary from person to person, one of the strongest motives could be a beach volleyball game. Well, since your ultimate intention is to boost your metabolism and get the heart rate up, you can choose to take a hard walk in the sand playing beach volleyball. This will help get extra calorie burn and tone your shoulders, belly, legs and core. So, now you have a reason to move to beachside!

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

9. Frisbee:

Playing Frisbee involves a lot of entire-body movements and the best part is zigzag motion. Keeping you energetic and fit, a light game is as beneficial as any other body workout. Each game allows you to burn approximately 272 calories in only half an hour!

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

8. Low-fat Dairy:

Though the calcium content you get from low-fat dairy products including milk doesn’t boost calorie burn, yet it is helpful in eliminating body fat. You get fewer fat calories after consuming calcium-rich low-fat dairy foods. Eating low-fat dairy food means lesser amount of belly fat, especially in young people.

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

7. Protein-rich Meals:

This is something you can do sitting at home – add more and more protein to your diet and skip fat and sugar. Getting more protein through food is probably the easiest way to better your metabolism. Every time you take protein-rich food, your body will require several calories to break it down. More protein through food on daily basis means higher daily calorie burn.

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

6. Caffeinated Green Tea:

Needless to mention numerous health benefits of green tea, you are getting the purpose served here also and that’s enough! Caffeine is a wonderful stimulant tending to increase calorie burn, experts say. It gives you endless energy, causes metabolic changes so you move more. Green tea is high in antioxidant content that cures and prevents any damage done by free radicals. Remember you’re cutting on calories, so prefer green tea with lemon to added sugar.

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

5. Cycling:

Light biking is a perfect exercise in itself. This can be your great way to not only get around but tone your hamstrings and quads. An effortless ride will burn more calories as compared to most other exercises. Take a ride up hills and you’ll burn around 204 calories plus that will keep your legs rehearsed.

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

4. Walk:

It’s enough of rest now; role your sleeves up, get up and move if you want to tone your physique up! Nothing in world can be as effective for calorie burn as getting up early in the morning and going for a walk. You need to move more, for sleeping or sitting throughout the day reduces the metabolic rate and lowers the amount of calorie burn. Take a gentle walk in the beginning and once you’ve attained stamina, you can switch to jogging.

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

3. Swimming:

A light swimming exercise can work magic for you. Swimming here doesn’t necessarily mean what professionals do; you can simply go for surfing. Only playing gently in the surf allows you burn calories even after you cool off. Once you’re habitual of doing it daily, make it an effective workout by paddling hard past the breakers. This will help you burn around 102 calories and boost your heart rate.


2. Lots of Water:

As suggest diet experts, maintaining fluid level in the body is vital to be able to burn calories. So, drinking around two liters of water can help burn approximately 100 extra calories every day. That means, you are going to burn around 2800 calories in a month and that’s more than enough.

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

1. Exercise and More Exercise:

Nothing can replace the benefits of regular exercises when it comes to achieving proper exertion and burning calories. You’ll burn more calories by spending at least one hour exercising daily and more importantly, taking more vigorous workouts. Obesity experts recommend including everything from a brisk walk to pushups and dumbbells into your exercising routine. The more you exercise, the more calories your body will burn to fuel the vigorous activities you perform!

Top 10 Intelligent Ways To Burn Calories Quickly

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